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To keep me on track....


Previous Entry To keep me on track.... Dec. 23rd, 2009 @ 12:30 pm Next Entry
Might as well use this for what I originally intended it for - to keep me focused. I *need* a hat - it's supposed to be a white christmess (right.....). Anyway, here's where I started this morning:

I'll try to post a progress picture either tonight or tomorrow morning. (Although....tomorrow we have to run to Home Despot to buy a dishwasher - they go on sale 10% off. This was a huge discussion - I wanted to buy new baskets, but Sweet Geek pointed out that if the water had caused the plastic to rot and the metal to rust, what did I think it did to the motor/etc? So.....new dishwasher it is. :sigh:)

Anyway - back to sit on the couch with my hat and my 9-year old son, who is ALSO knitting a hat. :grin: Yes, I've enabled my children. Yes, it's grand. No, I'm not sharing my stash - I'll buy him his own, should it come to that. :lol:)
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