Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Oh, dear....

There I was, happily cranking out the husband's cashmere sock #2....when I noticed I was VERY low on yarn. I got the last 2 toe decreases...and I have 1 yard left. :head desk: He, for some reason, doesn't want a bright blue toe on his lovely olive-y green socks (I refuse to use anything BUT the cashmere blend for these - why have cashmere socks if the toe is plain wool???) sock knitting is put on the back burner until we can get another skein of the Olive. :gulp: Good news is that *I* will get a pair of Olive Cashmere socks....that I (honestly?) don't want. :sigh: Ah, well....I made the legs too long. I forgot that the 72 cylinder uses more yarn each rotation, AND that his foot is longer than mine. :sigh: THAT won't happen again!

We're waiting for the installers. :finger tapping:

Saw Sherlock Holmes yesterday. The whole time I'm thinking, "Man. Someone wants the Sheeple primed and ready for a 1-world gov't. And "black/dark arts"." Seriously - that's the plot, in a nutshell. (Well, that and the implication - NEVER said, mind you, but there - that Holmes and Watson are a couple. Sweet Geek ardently refutes that...but there were quite a few scenes of the 2 of them arguing just like a long-married couple. And the....the whole chemistry was not "friends". The 2 women leads were....well, it felt like they were there to legitimize the men, if you understand what I mean. :shrug:) The movie also ended with the promise of a sequel.

It wasn't a BAD movie...but.....I dunno.

Guess I need to get back on the sweater.......I wanted Sweet Geek to have warm, toasty toes tomorrow. Alas, he'll have to wait. Bummer - now I have to order more yarn. :lol: (And no, it was NOT done on purpose. I really don't need 2 pairs of cashmere socks - not at *that* price.)
Tags: blather, csm, knitting, socks

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