Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It's 2010...

and I'm not doing aspirations, goals, or resolutions. Instead, I'm going to do a little predicting - and I hope MOST of these I got wrong:

1. 2010 will be worse than 2009. For everybody. Unemployment will be up, more folks will lose their's going to be grim.

2. Failure of the Dollar. We can't print our way out of this mess, and things are NOT getting better. I...don't think we'll go global, yet - I think we'll see the introduction of the Amero (or similar)...that will eventually be rolled together with the Euro/Yen/Whatever INTO the Global. This one might not happen for a few years yet....but it's coming. Are you ready? What I see happening is a Huge trade-off: say, 10 Ameros/Globals for each (worthless) Dollar. What they WON'T tell you is that yeah, you'll be 10-times richer, but everything will cost 15-times more. So......think about it.

3. Destruction of the Temple Mount. I have been watching for an earthquake, but the more I think about it......Israel is about to launch a defensive strike against Iran. Iran will retaliate...and hit the mosque. The Israelis will rejoice, and go about building the 3rd Temple. (An earthquake is still my personal choice....but it WILL happen. Again, maybe not this year, but soon. Earthquakes are happening SO much more often now - I watch a Seismic site, and the 5.0 + ones are up to 2 or more PER DAY. Used to be, you'd see MAYBE 1 or 2/week......)

4. People speaking out about the Depression, V.2.0 (that we ARE in right now..if you don't see that, well - I can't help you there) and getting incarcerated for it. We've lost SO many of our Constitutional Rights, and very few people have even noticed (see: Frog, how to boil). Most people believe that DeNial is just a river in's not.

5. Hyper-inflation. (See #2, above). It's already started - check your grocery store prices. Powdered milk (I use it for my bread) has *tripled* in price over the past year - year and a half. Dairy products have doubled - and will keep going up. I saw a headline today that the FDA is going to impose stricter controls....a) that's not gonna help, and b) it's gonna push prices up. Recommendation: Buy seeds NOW (Heirloom, please - not the genetically-altered crap sold in big-box stores) and put in a garden this Spring. You'll be glad you did. (Oh - and canned goods have almost tripled in price since 2008. It's unreal.)

Sorry to be such a downer....but it IS going to get worse. Pay off all the debt you can, and try to do something productive to help keep your family fed. I'll say it again - most cities will allow you 3 hens (you do NOT need a rooster for eggs!). That'll give you an easily accessible form of protein. You might be able to slip a dairy goat in - Pygmy and Nigerian goats are small; you won't get the amount of milk you'd get with a true dairy breed, but it'd be something. Downfall: You have to breed them for them to produce milk. You don't HAVE to breed 'em to a dairy buck, you could buy a young buck, breed your doe, then send him to freezer camp. Meat and milk, right there. Try to figure out alternative ways to heat your house and cook - when the dollar fails, how are you going to pay the electric/gas bill?? What about clothing? Can you sew (by hand - don't count on electricity, just in case!)? Knit? Crochet? Garage sales will help for a bit...but pretty soon folks will be keeping everything to reuse themselves (and no one will have money to buy their junk, anyway).

Yeah....sobering thoughts for a New Year......but I prefer to be prepared. IF none of this happens, well - I haven't hurt anyone, and I've saved me a bit of money (because I have some food sources here at home). IF it does........and I'm not prepared enough. I'm still working on a lot of this, myself - we have no well, and can't put one in. Water will be problematical. Ditto heat - I'm allergic to wood smoke (guess I need to stock up on Benedryl!) We haven't had a successful garden yet...but we keep trying.
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