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Previous Entry Quick Post... Jan. 1st, 2010 @ 04:56 pm Next Entry
before the Sabbath begins. :lol:

Kids are home from the Grands, and it's time to decompress them. We stopped at Sweet Geek's brother's for lunch......they always have a full house. I don't do well with tons of people - when I don't know most of them, it's worse. :sigh: Herself stayed outside most of the time (Aspie's don't do so well with crowds, either) - when she got too cold, she came inside and did origami. Himself borrowed his cousin-in-law's Playstation (or...something) and he and Sweet Geek killed aliens. Or something.

Me? I got another inch done on His cardigan. :lol: I'm now an inch into the armhole. 7.5" more, and I'll start the neck shaping. I love his sweater, don't get me wrong...but solid colored, solid cables is driving me NUTS. I want COLOR. The mossy green is gorgeous, and the sweater is Fabulous.....but it's SO. Freaking. BORING. :grin: (Plus, I have a short attention span. It's why I have so many WIP......oooh, look! Pretty sock yarn! I don't have THAT color socks yet! :lol:)

The dishwasher installer showed up finally. The window was from 8 - 12. At 1, Sweet Geek called. The lady wanted to cancel - HeLLO! We have a contract with ya'll - I have a dishwasher that needs installing, and we PAID you to install it. The guy showed up at 1:45. He left at 3....talk about a wasted day. We spent the rest of the day searching for a bathrobe for me....ended up with one (after checking 15 stores - no joke!), and new pairs of shoes for the both of us (the Reebok outlet had a "Buy 1, get 1 half-off" going. Not bad for new sneakers.)

I have a headache....and am exhausted for some reason. Sweet Geek offered to pick up dinner, so I'll get the table ready, eat, then head to bed. The Daddy-man can handle the kids until *their* bedtime. :lol:
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