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Short one today...


Previous Entry Short one today... Jan. 5th, 2010 @ 08:19 am Next Entry
hey - yesterday's took a lot of thought! :grin: You can't expect that kind of stuff everyday, now......

Let's see: Snips has DEFINATELY been crate-trained. I decided that I just couldn't leave her outside in 21* weather (or lower - we have an "Arctic Blast" coming in from Canada tomorrow night/Thursday morning), so I dug out the large crate we have (we bought it to haul pullets home in. I wondered why I was "told" to get the big one....). Put a towel in it, dropped it behind the couch, and opened the door. Let the dogs in - she took one look at it and backed off. I grabbed her, she fought (I'm a MOM - you can't NOT do what I want you to do!), shoved her head in...she sighed, went in, turned around...AND WENT TO SLEEP. ALL night long. I expected harmonica music, honestly.

This tells me she's a demon-in-dog-form, and explains the dumping. :sigh: I looked up 4 or 5 dog-training outfits in our area; what Sweet Geek does with that info is up to him. Something's gotta give, though....

Himself made fudge Sunday, from a kit he got for Hannukah. It was good...a bit greasy, (from all the butter) but good. I got him 2 more kits yesterday - lava cake and brownies. I'm thinking we need lava cake tomorrow night with our chili....:grin:

Gotta do some clean up on the contract work.....got lots of stuff swirling around in my brain. Maybe a post'll come of it...:grin: (Global "warming" :HAH!:, coming financial crises, knitting......all sorts of stuff.)
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