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Horrified, take 2 - Now with BONUS! Photo!

In case you missed last night's drama: Whilst measuring the caridgan back (completed!), I found a :horrors!: hole in it. (This is the recap - if you really want a lot of angst, read the original entry. :lol:)

Anyway, upon further examination this morning, I found that, while there IS a hole, it's not as bad as I thought. Here's a (crappy cell phone) pic:

I don't know if you can SEE it there - it looks like a small bunching up, up 2 stitches and over 1 to the right of the darning needle. It looks like it only involves 2 or 3 repair won't be this long drawn-out affair.....but I'd still like some hand-holding and advice. I've never repaired/grafted seed stitch before! (I think it got snagged on something - probably while it was stored on the loom - and the yarn, instead of causing a pull, broke. Nothing's run, though, which is good (and yet another reason wool is better than acrylic - acrylic would'a run all the way to China! :wink:)

What I'm thinking of now: sewing thread to baste down the OK stitches around the spot, then using the tapestry needle and yarn to needle-knit the stitches back together. (The sewing thread is over-kill, I know - but I have a lot invested in this unfinished sweater. To see more stitches run would really hurt!)

Any hints/tricks/tips you can offer would be most appreciated.

I had a whole 'nother entry planned...oh well - I'm ahead for tomorrow. :lol:
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