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Question for the masses....


Previous Entry Question for the masses.... Jan. 8th, 2010 @ 08:00 am Next Entry
First off - Alidansma, I answered your comment with a comment (in case you don't go back and check to see if anyone responded :grin:) - if you want a more detailed answer, let me know! I'll happily share my opinions on yarn for hours if asked!

Now, for the question: I am at the point of Sweet Geek's sweater that I am ready to poke my eyes out. I've made a deal with myself - NO new projects until it's done, in fact, NO projects EXCEPT the cardigan until it's done (with the exception of my Liberty sock #2, since I'm halfway down the foot and need the needles for Sweet Geek's Cowboys socks. What? Socks are fast and simple! They don't, don't count! :lol:) So, to inspire myself to knit faster, I've been browsing patterns for my NEXT big project: A sweater for *me*.

Both kids have had me-made sweaters, and Sweet Geek is getting one. I usually don't do big things for myself - don't want to take the time - but his sweater (while boring me half to death) is making me long for one for Me. So.....let me give you my thoughts, and some pattern links, and ya'll hit me with your opinions. I reserve the right to not follow them, of course :grin:, but right now I HAVE no favorite among these. I'm not trying to "weigh" the question, OK? Good...

First off, Sweet Geek's sweater is all-over cables. I LOVE cables - they're fun! - but a) I have an Irish-made Aran cardigan at work that Ms boss gave me. No, I didn't knit it, but..I have it and b) do I really want to go from a large all-over cabled project to another large, all-over cabled project? Discuss. :lol:

Secondly - whatever sweater I decide on, it WILL be green. Either Emerald or Forest - but it WILL be GREEN. It'll probably be knit with KnitPicks yarn (because of the price) although I'm not adverse to hunting for a bargain in some other brand. It will be Wool, because I am COLD all the time (today's 4* windchill notwithstanding) and it will be worn probably 9 months out of the year (air conditioning is COLD.) SO....with that in mind, here we go:

(Oh - real quick: with the exception of *1*, I already have the patterns I'm considering. So....pattern acquisition doesn't enter into this picture. Also, these are all Ravelry links, so if you're not *on* Ravelry, you might have to google the pattern names. Sorry about that....but I wanted to link to the projects page so you could see the sweaters on ALL body types. That makes a difference!)

1. Yankee Knitter Design's Adult Aran Cardigan (Ravelry link). Yes, this is the one I'm currently knitting.

2. Yankee Knitter Design's Adult Aran Pullover (Ravelry link). Same sweater, but in a pullover design. Am I sane enough to do 2 of the same sweater......I leave that to the jury to decide. :lol:

3. Twist Collective's Vivian Hoodie (Ravelry link). I *like* this sweater; I'd have to buy the pattern. I would have to remove the hood, though - I HATE hoods on sweaters. I'd also have to add a button band - I don't do zippers. Still...it's a lovely sweater. (An aside - I've linked to the Projects pages on Ravelry for a reason - so you could see the sweater on ALL body types. This one...I dunno if it'd work on me. I have a...mature figure. Very curvy, D-cups and large hips. I'm not fat, according to my co-worker and husband and family...but I'm no skinny model, either. So....keep that in mind, OK?)

4. She-who-shall-not-be-named's* Cromarty. (Ravelry link) I confess, I LOVE this sweater. It's the one I keep coming back to anytime I think of her works. However..it's cropped. I'd have to add something to the bottom (because of the center panel, you can't really add a repeat there) - I've seen it with the "B" cable panel run sideways as a border. I..dunno. I don't know if ribbing would work there...it'd take some thought. This sweater, however....it's lovely. And it's CABLED. :bangs head: (Do you see a pattern, here? Do you think I like cables or something? :lol:)

5. She-who-shall-not-be-named's Margaret Tudor. (Ravelry link) THIS one....:sigh: This pattern is the ONLY reason I paid FULL-price for "Tudor Roses". I LOVE this sweater. LOVE it. I'm thinking I'd do the rose "slashings" with a different background color (maybe not, though..I'm still dreaming of this one), and find some silver thistle buttons for it. This sweater is just.....I find it gorgeous. It's also NOT cabled - which would make a change. It's also one of HER designs...which means gauge problems, more likely than not (she, from what I understand, knits at bullet-proof gauge. Mere mortals do not. :lol:) Still......

ANY of these would work, and with the exception of #3 I already have the pattern. I'll have to acquire the yarn for all of them, so that doesn't enter into it. (And the pattern for #3 is only, like, $9...so it's no big deal).

I'll admit I've had my eye on #4 and #5 for YEARS. They are gorgeous sweaters, they'd push my knitting boundries a bit, and....well.....they really turn my crank. BUT...I don't have my heart set on *any* of these. (I've lived without either sweater for years now, and I don't "need" either one. Like them? Oh, Yes! Have to have them? Not really. But it'd be nice...:lol:) So.....tell me what you'd pick, and why. If you have a different suggestion, share it - I need a reason to get my knit on and get Sweet Geek's cardigan done. (Also note that most of these are pullovers....not sure why, but there ya go. Guess I don't like button-bands. :lol:)

*So referred to because of her....creative ideas of copyright infringement. Per her, you can NOT re-sell any of her yarn using her name, because it's "copyright infringement" - and she's had her lawyer husband send out C&D letters stating so. eBay's had a field day with her...as you can imagine. Most of her books are out-of-print, and for a while there she was demanding that eBay pull all auctions of them - again for copyright infringement. She's...well....nuts is a polite word. Batshit insane is another descriptive phrase...:lol:
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Date:January 8th, 2010 02:38 pm (UTC)
Just to add to the confusion, have you considered Rogue It's a very nicely written pattern (one of these days I'll dig mine out and finish it). Claudia who was on SheepThrills with us wrote a cardigan mod for it (her blog entry with photos, is here - scroll down to March 14 2004)

Interesting cables, has a hood for those frikken freexing mornings, has pocketses so you've got somewhere to put your gloves if you need to take them off for a minute or two.

As for She-who-shall-not-be-named, I'm totally with you in the "she's batshit insane" camp. She's also greedy -- wants to milk every penny she can out of her stuff. I won't ever buy any of her books new, but if I can pick them up second hand I'm happy. She's the one person whose patterns I'd cheerfully photocopy and give to random strangers on the street, just because of her attitude.
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Date:January 8th, 2010 02:48 pm (UTC)
I had thought of Rogue...but....let me think on it. It's a lovely sweater, and not as "intense" as the others I've listed. I'd remove the hood, though - it's not "dressy" enough for work if I leave it on. (My boss is in the same camp as....you-know-who.)

I've managed to score She-who-shall-not-be-named's hard to find books on eBay, usually because the seller had NO idea what they had. I have the Aran book....got it for $35 (!!!) because the seller didn't post her name (luckily!), just posted it as "scottish knitting book". (Want any patterns? Let me know.....:giggle:) Ditto the Celtic needlepoint book....

What I HATE about her patterns is that she doesn't list the YARDAGE required, just "x balls of FancyExpensiveYarn" Nice...but a LOT of the yarns are gone now, and trying to convert/substitute (which, according to her, is Verboten!) is difficult. That's one good thing about Ravelry - I can guesstimate the yardage by what other people have used. Even if they DID substitute a different yarn (and the world didn't end. Fancy that!)
Date:January 8th, 2010 05:04 pm (UTC)
I will admit at first I was wow-ed by the Cromarty..I thought - that would be so cool..But the Vivian is so nicely shaped. And the pattern is very interesting. The cromarty is boxy. A nicely decorated box.
The Marg Tudor is quite fancy.
Ok if I had a word to describe each (if I may take the liberty)
Aran Cable - thick + already did one (not me - you!)
Vivian - flirty + intriguing
Cromarty - old + solid
Marg tudor - old + flirty

Oh and thank you for the pattern link- I will investigate those today!
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Date:January 8th, 2010 11:28 pm (UTC)
Y'know, I hadn't realized it, but ALL of her stuff is boxy. :giggle: I still like it...

My concern with Vivian is that most of the models are.....young. The sweater is SO fitted.....I have...bumps. And small bulges. And boobs. :lol: I'm not sure I can wear it and still look.....classy isn't the word I want, but it fits. If that makes sense.

I *really* am leaning towards Margaret Tudor. The more I look at it and read other people's comments.....I need to think about and price the yarn. Looks like I need approx. 3500 yards (one person ordered 18 balls of Naturespun Sport...which figures up to 3360 or so. I like having a bit extra, just in case!)...so.....need to go to KnitPicks. (Naturespun is $4/ball. So....approx. $80 for the sweater - not bad, but I'd like to go cheaper. :lol: )
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