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First up, a rumor. I haven't checked it out yet - I will, but I wanted more people to look for it, too. I heard it from a cattle farmer (who was right on the ammo shortage BEFORE the election, so...) He's heard that there is legislation in the works to require a license/certification to prepare taxes. NOT to be a PAID preparer, mind you - but to simply Prepare them. Like, your own, even. IF true, this is bad.....think of all the Turbo Tax users - if you're not certified, you can't file your own. That would put TT out of business....and it would hurt the working class - *I* don't pay anyone to prepare my taxes; it's bad enough paying $25 to FILE my taxes. Add the fee on top of that....I can't do it. (What about all the companies that prepare their forms in-house (, for example?) - we used to pay Coopers and Lybrand $100K/year for tax prep. Granted, it was for 3 1120S's, 4 partnerships, and 1 1040.....but STILL. Having to pay a "certified" preparer could push some companies from profit to loss.....yes, some companies DO run at that close of a margin. Turbo Tax (and others) runs us $100/program....MUCH cheaper to do it ourselves.) Any one else heard of this?

Climategate: I do NOT doubt that humans have contributed to the changes in our climate. However....I DO question the "fact" that we are the Major cause. Mars is undergoing global warming right now.....and I simply can't see how our little-bitty SOLAR-powered rovers could have contributed. (I also read somewhere that VENUS is getting warmer...and we've never sent probes to Venus as far as I know...). My biggest peeve is that, if we are SO worried about global warming, and are telling EVERYONE to cut out gas consumption.....why did the world leaders FLY to Copenhagen for Climategate? (Don't Jets put out a LOT of pollution - and aren't movie stars like John Travolta scorned because of their private planes? Bit 2-faced there, right?) Why didn't *they* care enough about their "global footprint" to hold a webinar? (And don't toss time-zones into the picture - the leader's time-clocks were still set to their personal time-zones, so that's a non-issue.) If we could afford to let someone from our country fly over there (during a Financial Crisis, yet!), we could afford to lock them in a room somewhere with a webcam and laptop.

Blather: Started posting some yarn reviews last night. They're short, and mostly for my own records....but might prove useful to someone else. I've mostly done sock yarn so far (in my files...I haven't uploaded everything yet. :lol:), but plan on doing other weights, as well. You might not agree with some of *my* opinions, so feel free to tell me why you feel different in the comments. I might change my mind...:grin:
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