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Previous Entry Wednesday... Jan. 13th, 2010 @ 08:33 am Next Entry
and I have a lunch date! :bounce: I'm looking forward to it, since life up here in the corp world kinda sucks. (Don't Ask. Bear in mind what I work for, and that I DO have a life. And that I'm *owned* by the corp.....:snerk:)

Sweater: Got the KnitPicks catalog yesterday....I think a yarn change is in order. The Gloss DK is $4.29/ball...and there's no light gray. The Merino Style is $2.79/ball (SAME gauge!), and there IS a pale gray...and a nice Hollyberry. (The pics on the monitor weren't as nice as the printed ones..the colors look better on paper. :grin:) I think I can live without the silk content.....

Cardigan: About 6 rows from the neck shaping, I think. I hope...I'm ready for a change. (No! Bad FiberAddict! Must finish the things you start, not - Ooooh! Shiny! :lol:)

Also, in conclusion - goats are nuts. They have hay 24/7, but the minute they see me at the door, they become starving, weak, pathetic little creatures that will simply *expire* if I don't dump grain Right.This.Minute! :snicker:
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