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Strike 2!

So, the installer dude didn't call last night. Sweet Geek wonders if it's because of our beliefs.....I would hope not, but it wouldn't surprise me. 1 more strike and the wood stove idea will be dead. (Well, actually 2 - Sweet Geek wants me to call the other 2 companies on my list, AND we'll be checking with Tractor Supply tomorrow to see if they know anyone. Still....I'm starting to think this is a no-go. Maybe we're supposed to wait? I dunno...I'll make the calls, but I'm thinking it's a done-deal.)

ETA: Update - the installer called; seems he got home "late" last night, and we can call him tonight after 5. So....we'll see.

I've also noticed something (it's been mentioned on a few blogs I read, too) - there's a sort of "disconnect" going on. I....don't know how to explain it. I'm happy Miss Sunshine, but the people around me seem to be all kinds of depressed. The baristas at the local Starbucks are usually really talkative, joking with me and such..the past 2 mornings it's been a quick "Hi! Your usual? Thanks!" and...nothing. No jokes, no chit-chat, just take-the-money-make-the-drink-and-keep-going. Weird.

Our store parking lots are full....but I've noticed folks aren't buying like they used to. Carts are filled with sale items, and very little junk. And - they appear to be using credit cards. (This is hard to tell, though - I use my debit card like credit, so this could be the case for them, as well. I just...I get the feeling that AmEx is buying a LOT of groceries.) I almost feel conspicuous when I do our shopping.....I don't buy a lot of junk, but I *do* buy stuff that's not on sale. (Like King Arthur Flour instead of the store brand - things like that.) It's a very weird feeling.....

I do know that we are due a HUGE earthquake - one that will move the mountains from their places (Rev., Seal 6.). I think all the big ones we're seeing right now are just warm-ups.....I just don't know where it will be centered. So I'm antsy about *that*. At least I'm on the winning side.....but the waiting is hard. :sigh:

And-and, I woke up yesterday with the firm belief that I need to buy some Coleman lanterns. NOT battery-operated ones, but propane ones. So....I did the research, and as soon as my check hits I'll be picking up a couple. If nothing else, they'll light up the milk room better than the LED one we have. (What? I can't be the only person that Yah gives a shopping list to! I've learned it's best to DO what I'm told. Besides, IF I'm right, and IF the electric sub-structure goes down for any reason, we'll still have light. :shrug: No heat without some form of fireplace/stove, but - at the moment - that doesn't seem to be *my* problem.)
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