Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Busy, Busy....

Seems to be a recurring theme - weekends are BUSY. This one was no exception...

Friday evening, we talked to the stove-installer. He's...we'll see. He said, ballpark average, it'll run between $3,500 - $4,500 FOR EVERYTHING, including installation. :blink: That's less than the "local" place, but still a bit more than we wanted to pay. So...we're thinking. And praying. He's coming over in a few weeks to look at the spot we're thinking of, and to give us a firm estimate.

Yesterday was shopping day. Hit the hardware store to get prices for the lumber for milking stands. HD wasn't bad, but we thought we'd stop at the smaller store....for some reason, if you're buying stuff for Ag use, they run it thru as tax-free. We figured, why not? The tax savings will help.....and somehow we ended up on their "special pricing" list. Not sure how THAT happened (the manager approached US, and told us to tell the cashier....I don't know if it was because we were discussing goats, or HD's prices.) It's a substantial discount (the rebar for the drainage project was *supposed* to be $ rang up as *$5*. By the Manager. :blink:), so...yeah, we'll be going *there* for the lumber.

Hit Tractor Supply...they don't have any recommended installers, but I did get prices.

Ran to Wallyworld.....we did get a lantern. NOT the one I had priced......Sweet Geek had a sudden spurt of "greenness". The wee propane tanks on the one I was looking at ($26.50 on eBay, with shipping/$28 at Wallyworld. I figured, buy it now and not have to wait, PLUS the one on eBay is reconditioned, and this one was new.) are NON-recyclable, and NON-refillable. You CAN buy an adapter to hook it up to a standard propane tank...for another $25 or so....which put the price at the same level as the Dual-Fuel one. That will run on unleaded gasoline if needed. So......that's the one we bought. The fuel is actually cheaper than the propane, so...:shrug: Now, if I could just figure out how to LIGHT the damn thing...:lol:

Got home, worked on the goat barn a bit, then I sat down with the Never-Ending sweater. The Right Front is now DONE, and I've cast on the Left Front. This'll be an adventure, since I've never done buttonholes before...:giggle:

I ordered the yarn for my Margaret Tudor :gulp: The Aran Cardigan is the largest project I've ever Chullo was the first true stranded-project....this one will be the most complex. The knitting looks pretty straight-forward, once I get used to She-who-shall-not-be-named's nomenclature...but the finishing! (The sweater is knit in strips, then sewn together. It's.....different!) Still, it'll be fun - and the strips mean I'm not hauling around a large, heavy project (the cardigan front got pretty bulky. I was working on it at dinner last was hard to flip it around to do the even rows, because it had gotten so long. Warm, too. :grin:)

Off to shower, hit the grocery (forgot to get onions yesterday), then it's home again for some serious knitting time during the game. Must make sure Sweet Geek wears his lucky shoes! :lol:
Tags: blather, country life, goats, knitting, sweater

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