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Previous Entry I forgot Dec. 27th, 2004 @ 01:44 pm Next Entry
the loom upgrade arrived Friday AM. The driver didn't even bother to check the door - he just sat the (huge) box on the side of the garage. In the wet and ice and mud. I tramped out there in my sock feet and drug the box inside - it wasn't heavy, just big.

I now have 10 treadles on the loom. I used 1 bag of anchor pegs to do the current tie-up; the jacks will be put on the next time my FIL comes over.

Can't put on the new shafts until I buy some more heddles, and texsolv, and anchor pegs. (Do you ever have enough?)

But, I have an 8 harness loom! Whee!!! Now what??? *g*
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