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Let's see..

Mr. Stinky decided to vacate the premises sometime last night (we left the garage door open for him). We didn't have any cat food, or I would have tried that (Thanks, Alidansma!) giving him an easy exit was the only thing to do. :sigh: (I love my house, I love my house, I love my house...:lol:)

I have photos of the cashmere for ya'll..but I don't have my card reader. :bangs head: Sorry about that....

Working my way up the cardigan. :yawn: It's a GORGEOUS sweater, the yarn is nice to work with, and the color is wonderful...but I'm BORED. (Yes, I have a short attention span. In this case, it's the combo of solid color yarn + LARGE project + boring knitting (cables are fun...but after the first 16 repeats they get a bit...boring) = need to start a new project. Ohh, look - Sock yarn! :lol:) I am trying to be good, though - my Knitpicks order shipped yesterday. New Sweater Yarn! :bounce: And blocking mats, which will be needed shortly for *this* sweater.

The kids did a good job on the chicken coop, shed, AND goat barn. We need more shredded paper for the goats, but it looks nice. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so we'll get to test the new drainage system. :fingers crossed: it works well.....
Tags: blather, country life, kids, knitting, sweater

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