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Lunch day....

which is good. Forgot the card reader again, which is bad. Have a fantastic photo of Dusty over my PC - which is very, very good. far, this week is good. :grin: (I really need to get Sweet Geek to email me that photo - Dusty is in his classic "Turn your head!" pose, with a goofy look on his face. It's silly, and it's *totally* him. I think it would make a LOVELY LJ icon. :lol:)

Am cruising along on the Never-Ending cardigan. Just finished the 3rd repeat (out of 16. :sigh:) Still, it's moving on. My sweater yarn is due to arrive Saturday...I am trying really hard to NOT focus on the new and keep plugging along on this one. Oooh, look - Koigu sock yarn! In GREENS! :lol: (It's safely stashed. I am trying to ignore it..and the CSM. For the moment. I have plenty of socks. I really do...:lol:)

Work :sigh:

I need to go to a remedial class on lighting the Coleman lantern. I tried - again - this morning. First attempt, nothing. Second attempt, flames out the top. Third attempt, I managed to get it lit....but when I turned the gas knob to "UP" (to brighten the lantern), it went out. :bangs head: Any experienced campers out there wanna help? I'm following the directions; I googled, found some tips, and am using *them*, but.....I am lantern-impaired. Is there a help-group for that?
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