Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Sunday, Sunday.....

Let's see....busy weekend, as usual. Got the TV/Blu-Ray installed Friday evening....and I guess I'm not the target market, because, except for screen size - *I can't see a difference in this vs. our other one*. :sigh: Ah, well - the Man is happy, so......:shrug: (And...I can't figure out all the bells'n'whistles. Whatever...)

Saturday: The woodstove guy came out. He's pretty nice - and honest. He didn't push us to buy the larger-marked up product, and when he DID say he'd use something more expensive, he explained *why*. (Yeah, we're going with him, as he's the ONLY woodstove installer that'll come here. :sigh:) He's going to give us a quote tomorrow or Tuesday...but it's gonna run about $4K. :gulp: MORE than I wanted to spend......but it'll be a much nicer stove than the ones from TSC. Better warranty, made in the USA (TSC stoves are Chinese......not that impressive, AND they're steel, not cast iron - hence the price difference!) A little less stovepipe than I figured, but he's going with double-walled stuff (More $$$, but safer) to help prevent flue-fires. (From "cold burning" the stove. I...have no clue, but Sweet Geek understood it. It has something to do with burning the stove at too low of a temp, so that the smoke solidifies and lines the pipe. Sorta like giving your stove a heart-attack.) :sigh: There goes this year's IRS refund....but at least it's something tangible and useful. (And....there goes my new washer/dryer set. Ah, well...the washer works, and I have a clothesline. Don't really NEED a new set, right? Right.)

Oh! Sweet Geek went to the PO for me - my KnitPicks order came in. Yes, there are pictures. No, you can't see them today. :lol:

Today, I knit. I'm 2 repeats away from the armhole. :huzzah: Sweet Geek worked on barn stuff - instead of the milking stands we were *going* to build, we're going to use some of the wooden (FREE!) pallets he got from work. All we have to do is move some of the slats to solidify the top, add legs and the neck stantion. We have some leftover 4x4 pieces that'll work for legs (they wouldn't have if we had built the frame - 2x4s would have worked better); all we need to do is scavenge something for the neck part. IF we have to buy the wood, it'll only be 3 10', it's still cheaper.

I've to to dose up on Benedryl tonight - I haven't been sleeping. Gee, wonder why? /sarcasm
Tags: blather, country life, knitting

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