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It's Picture time!


Previous Entry It's Picture time! Jan. 25th, 2010 @ 07:37 am Next Entry
I promised, so here we go. Lots of photos - I'll put 'em behind a cut to save dial-up users!

Let's see, let's do a progress report on the never-ending Cardigan, ok?

First up, a shot of the finished back. It's not blocked yet, so it's not all prettified, but still - it's all done!

Sweater back finished

Well...OK, not completely done. The back of the neck stitches are on a holder - once the sweater is assembled, I'll be using those (and the ones on holders on the front pieces) to knit the collar. Still - it's done for now! :lol:

Next, we have the right front - the button band. Still needs blocking and buttons.

Sweater front finished

And now, a shot of the left front - still in progress. I've made more progress since this photo - I'm 1 pattern repeat away from the armhole decrease now.

Sweater front in progress

The photos were taken on my new blocking mats from KnitPicks. I am...not impressed with them. They're great, but I can get the kid alphabet mats *cheaper* than these (I got 9 for $20....you can get the full alphabet for about that. :sigh:); these, however, are MUCH better for photos. (The bright colors of the alphabet mats detract from the item.) 9 aren't enough to block a whole sweater, either....so I'll be hitting Craigslist and eBay later to find the others. :lol:

Oh, and if you've ever wondered what a sweater looks like before it's a sweater:

Box o' yarn

THIS is my Margaret Tudor sweater. The hollyberry will be the bulk of it; the fog will be the "slashings". The colors are just lovely - and the yarn is SO SOFT (100% Merino). It's NOT the yarn called for in the pattern, but the grist is almost identical. Since it's knit at a ridiculously tight gauge (Seriously, 9 sts/inch on US *2*s! This yarn CALLS for a US *6*!!!), I'm not too worried about pilling. I can't wait to get started - but the Cardigan MUST be finished first. :nods:

Here's a closeup of the 2 colors:

Sample skeins

The hollyberry is almost *exactly* the color I had in mind - a deep, saturated cranberry sort of color. The fog will look fantastic as the "slashings" - and provide enough of a contrast that it'll look nice. I just need to find the proper buttons.....if any of ya'll SCA-dians have any suggestions, I'm all ears! I don't have anything in mind - the original sweater used small, silver buttons.....but I'm not set on that. Advice will be MOST welcomed!

Not much else to report - I'll be leaving work at noon today, since Mom's pre-op is at 1:45 and someone has to pick up the kids. Surgery tomorrow, but I have no idea when (which is odd...I've always known at least a week in advance what time I had to show up at the hospital....:shrug:) We need to decide what to do about the kids for *that*, too - the hospital is about an hour away.

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