Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

That went well...

Let's see....First off, the surgery went well. She's in ICU for now, and will be moved to a regular room today or tomorrow. :Praise Yah!:

BUT...that hospital. :sigh: The surgery was scheduled for 1:30. We left here at 10:45, grabbed lunch, and ate in the Jeep during the HOUR and a HALF (almost) drive there. We got there at...12:45-ish, went to admissions...and basically were told we could wait in the waiting room. This (as it turned out) was something major, and - No. The lady FINALLY told me ("Well, I guess..since you're the daughter...but THEY (meaning Sweet Geek and kids) will have to stay Here.") where she was....but then gave me wrong directions. :sigh:

Anyway, I called mom's cell, she sent her friend (!!) up to get us, and we went down to the basement. The kids weren't allowed back (although, had I had a "feeling", you bet your sweet bippy I'd have gotten them back there!), so I went back and sat. And Sat. AND Sat.

They took her at 3:15. :bangs head:

At 4:30 they called me...they had JUST STARTED THE SURGERY. :bangs head harder:

At 5:45, they called to say she was in Recovery and would be moved to a room within the hour. The doc would be calling me SHORTLY..blah de blah de blah.

At 6:45, the doc FINALLY called. I got a rundown of the surgery - he went in, and found the tumor. This was good - if he could feel it, he would know what spot to remove. It wasn't much bigger than it was back in the Dec. scan...but it was in a "bad" spot. Something about too close to.....major...stuffs, or something. Hey - I'm not a medical person!. Anyway, had he removed only that spot, it would have meant a longer surgery, a more protracted hospital stay, and a much harder recovery, so he opted to remove the entire lower lobe of the left lung.

We left after speaking with the doc - we had an hour and a half drive, we needed to find food, and the kids have school today. I was told by coworker to STAY HOME - besides, I might be going back out if my brother decides to go today. :shrug:

I am BEAT. There's a lot more I could say, but won't. It relates to my rant, and.....:sigh: Besides, I need to go pay bills.
Tags: blather

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