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This is all Ali's fault...I was reading her blog on...Monday, I think it was, and noticed a link to Red Angel's blog. I was curious - Ali hangs out in some of the same places I do, so I figured if she linked there, it was worth a look. was. :grin: I don't agree with everything posted there, but one of the posts has been bugging me.

The post was titled "The Forbidden Question", and...well, it gave me a lot of things to think about. (Of COURSE Yah is real. That's a given. :grin:)

One of the "proofs" offered was that Liberals tend to deny God, and end up looking horrid. As do those scientists that deny God's creation. The theory was that belief in God (AND the keeping of Torah) kept the force of goodness in one's body, and kept you....beautiful, and reflecting God. (I'm not putting this the same way Red Angel did.....but this is pretty close, I think). DIS-belief, however, allowed Evil to percolate thru you - as an example, RA pointed to the wastedness of druggies/porn addicts/Liberals (I......yeah. was also stated that Conservatives look great because of all that Goodness. I......never mind. :lol:)

The thing that really got me thinking, though, was that demons hit people to bring them down. I agree with that, whole-heartedly. But....there was an implication there (and it might just be because of where my mind is at the moment, what with all that's going on) that when BAD things happen, it's because you turned away from God.

So.....let's go there, shall we? My gut response to this post was "Well, DOH! OF course that's how it is!"...but then I thought "Wait - Cancer. IF I say that this implication is correct, then cancer is caused by sin/turning away from God. Ummm...." I mean - children with leukemia? I...can't really think like that.

Y'all read my rant, so you know where I am there. I....OK, I can get behind God allowing someone to get cancer - not necessarily to Punish them, but to bring them closer to Him. I mean, the big "C" generally gets prayer groups moving, right?

Only.....:sigh: I HATE chrischuns, because they don't worship the God they think they do. Their god is all Luvvvvving and Goodness and Santa-like. (Don't believe me? Listen to their prayers sometimes - WITH an open mind. I think you'd be surprised at all the "Lord, Please Give so-and-so this, and Bless Such-and-So with That, and please give So-and-Such a job and...." Yah is NOT Santa! :bangs head:) Yesterday, when the doc came in, he told us (my mother had 2 church friends there with her....That's another story, for another time. :sigh:) that he was hoping that he could feel the tumor, so he'd know what to remove, *if he couldn't, he'd have to remove the whole lobe*. Little Miss Churchianity immediately piped up "Oh, no! MY prayer is that you'll find nothing at all!" :beams: :fiberaddict gags: Look, Miss Sunshine - the doc JUST SAID he HAD to remove the whole lobe if he found NOTHING. :smack:

I mean, praying for healing IS Biblical. I'm not against that at all.....but here's the thing. MY idea of "healing" may not be what Yah intends - for whatever reason. You CAN - and Should - pray for healing, but you should (in my opinion!) ALSO include "if it's Your Will" to it. YOU don't know WHY - maybe the cancer is here to bring the patient back to God.....OR, it could be to bring someone CLOSE to the patient to God. WE don't know.

And sometimes shit happens. Yah allows it....but He may not have *caused* it. The Adversary has dominion over the Earth right chrischun heads explode over that one:

I do agree that living a Torah-observant life DOES lead to blessings - we're promised that in Deut!. I also agree that living a NON-Torah-observant life will *eventuall* lead to destruction - BUT we may not get to SEE that destruction. How many chrischuns do you know that seem to be overly blessed...but are such hypocrites it isn't funny (Pat Roberston comes to mind as 1 example. As does the Pope - but that's a WHOLE 'nother discussion). I'm not perfect - by ANY means! - I try, and fail. Yeshua summed up the Torah in 2 sentences - "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and being, AND love your neighbor as yourself." That's the whole 613 Laws in a nutshell....and, while SO SIMPLE, it's SO HARD to actually *do*. (Look at me right now: I am ranting about my mother. :sigh: I am trying to NOT discuss things I wasn't actually privy to...Lashon Hora isn't pretty, and I try not to do it. And fail a lot. )

Oh - back to the post: I can't agree totally with the idea that IF you are Torah-observant you won't be hit with Evil....look at Job! He was hit with all sorts of Horrible things....and yet he NEVER denied Yah. He just patiently took it, and praised Yah despite it all. ( a good thing to keep in mind. I've believed for a long time that bad things happen sometimes to keep worse things from happening - which most people think is whacked. :shrug: Yah knows things I don't.....and I live in peace thanks to that knowledge!)

I kinda wandered off my main point there....but Sweet Geek is home, so - bye! :lol:
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