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It's cold and rainy


Previous Entry It's cold and rainy Jan. 29th, 2010 @ 06:25 am Next Entry
this morning. Sweet Geek left at 4 AM (he had to be at work at 5, since he's getting off at 1 to pick up the kidlets. :sigh:), so *I* got to feed this AM. 38*, rain, wind.....I was smart, though - I took a shower AFTER I froze! :lol:

Sweater: I now have a deadline - March 6. Sweet Geek's b-day. Haven't informed *him* of this, of course....but that's what I'm aiming for. I already have a prezzie for him (a music CD by some Dallas Cowboys. :grin:), so this would make a lovely surprise.

While I didn't make any resolutions/aspirations this year, I did decide I need to get into better shape. So....I am back on the belly dance bandwagon. I have the Belly-Twins set, and the Fitness Fusion set....unfortunately, I only have 1 of the Twins offerings on DVD. And I don't really *like* the Fitness Fusion set (I'll give it one more try, then it's out of here. It's....belly dance is fun. Pairing it with Pilates was different, with Yoga made me uncomfortable, and I haven't tried the Jazz or Hip Hop ones yet. I...just have a weird feeling about the whole set. :shrug:) When Sweet Geek swapped TVs, he didn't hook up the DVD/VCR combo we have - just the Blu-Ray player. So....I have 1 workout tape to do. And it's INSANE. (The "Slim Down" one....you NEVER. STOP. MOVING. I am NOT in shape. It's.....funny. :lol:)

Sweet Geek is all for me working out - but he says I don't *need* to. (Sweet Man!). We made a deal - he'll make sure I do 1 portion per day, and HE won't watch - or, if he does, he won't laugh. (Seriously - I am NOT as coordinated as the twins. I feel like a whale next to them!). He also said I could get DVDs of the VHS tapes I have. :snuggles:

eBay to the rescue! I was able to get them under $15/each (each DVD consists of *2* VHS tapes, so...I thought tat was pretty good!). I'd like to be able to do a different workout each night (to keep boredom at bay, and keep me going). I also got Shamira's DVDs - I have her first VHS one, and it's good (but it's an HOUR - the Twins are 30 - 45 minutes each) AND at the end she does a dance for Cpt. Picard. :snicker:

You can blame Anna for this - she's trying to lose the baby-weight, and I am trying to be an online buddy. It's NOT a competition, or anything - but I needed a push, and she posted her goals on a good day for me. :lol:

I've done the Slim Down workout 2x...on Wednesday, I made it to the 15 minute mark. Yesterday, I made it thru the whole thing. I didn't do ALL the exercises - I bounced thru some of them (they don't *explain*, they say "Now, add a twist/hop!" and.....WHA???? I bounced and watched and tried to figure out what they were doing), but I'm moving now. And sweating.

I have a little time before having to take the kids to school/heading to work, so I think I'll knit a bit. :grin:
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spin a yarn
Date:February 1st, 2010 03:28 am (UTC)
Keep wondering if I should join the weigh-in, the ballet & clogging class should count as exercise. I can almost do the splits but the numbers are discouraging.

Stephanie in AR (because I'm not logged in at xanga right now)
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Date:February 1st, 2010 11:22 am (UTC)
It's helped me to have a "buddy" - it keeps me accountable.

So far, I haven't noticed any weight drop - but my pants are looser. So.....THAT's good.
(spin a yarn)
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