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as usual. Went to the hospital yesterday....THAT was an experience!

Mom had called Friday evening. Still loopy, but sounded somewhat "there", so I asked when we should plan on visiting. She SAID that after lunch would be best - she was sure they would be moving her to a room, so....Alrighty, then!

We headed out at 11 - I needed to hit the outlet mall for a new sports bra, and Sweet Geek needed gloves. The Bali-outlet was having a buy 1, get 1 50% off sale, PLUS I had a 20% off coupon, so I got a new sports bra AND workout pants for less than the bra alone. We hit Wilson's Leather...and got mobbed by the 2 girls working the till - apparantly my and Herself's hats are the coolest things they'd ever seen...and when they discovered that they were hand-knit...well! I was a mini-hero (which is funny - *I* can see all the mistakes!) We scored him a pair of suede gloves for $12, and headed on out.

At 12-ish, I called her cell (ICU doesn't have phones in the rooms.) No, she still wasn't moved, and *the next visiting slot was at 3*. Ok-dokey, we're on the road and won't get there until 1:30-ish; we can deal!

There's a Weaving/Knitting/Fiber Arts shop maybe 2 miles from the freeway exit. I *did NOT* want to go - I know how my self-control is when faced with fresh, soft, yummy wool - in any form!'s 1:45, we can't visit until 3, so.....:sigh: Sweet Geek *said* he'd help in the self-control department, so Ok. I can do this.....

It took 10 minutes to hit the $100 mark. HE was no help at all! :lol: We did score the buttons for his cardigan (well, they ordered them for us, but we had to prepay), I got some bright roving that'll work for Irish Fest (if I can't get anything wilder!), some yarn for Sweet Geek yet another hat (except this AM he decided that the roving would make a much more funky hat, so can I spin it up for Him a Hat? :shakes head:), some DPNs for Himself to finish his hat....and got our hats praised again. (It's much more meaningful to me to have "real" knitters admire my stuff - it shows me I'm on the right track. They even liked the inside of my hats - which is funny, since I cheated and just tied all the ends together! :lol:) Sweet Geek now wants to weave in the worst way; the store owner wants photos of my 12H table loom that's for was a fun visit. (And....I was good. They have a HUGE sock yarn collection..and I didn't even touch! I know it sounds like a large amount for not much goods...but really? It's not - I also got a replacement tape measure and some more row counters. The yarn was 50% off, and the roving is 8 oz....I feel like I did good. I won't be doing it again anytime soon, but it's nice to see *real* yarn, and not just look at it online. Oh - and this IS the "Local" store - the next closet is in Dallas, and it's 10 miles FURTHER out. :sigh: I live in a yarn-deprived area!)

At 2:20, we headed for the hospital. I had finished the cardigan front, and was working on sleeve #1 (Did ya catch that? The Cardigan BODY IS DONE!!!), so I was OK for a bit of a wait....only, ICU visiting hours are from 1 to 3.......and it was 2:40 when we found her room :bangs head:

Herself and I chatted with her for 10 minutes, then Herself left and I stayed in until 3. SHE says she's doing great, and wants to move on........I cornered the nurse when I left her room. :sigh:

Surgery-wise, she's doing great. HOWEVER...she refuses to cough. She HAS to cough to get all that crud out of her lungs....and she won't do it. She does cough when on the phone, I need to call her more often, and get others to do so too. They're keeping her pretty well sedated (to aid in healing), and the room is kept dark. I don't think she really understands what they did....I mean, she's missing half a lung now! Of COURSE they need to keep her under observation as long as possible - pneumonia is a real threat. :sigh:

I could say more...but I am impressed with the hospital, especially her nurse.

Today, we take Sweet Geek's aunt out for her today is toast, too. :Sigh: At least I can knit in the Jeep....:grin:
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