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Houston, we have a problem....

see, we ran to JoAnn's at lunch today. I had a 40% off coupon, and a little boy who wants to learn to crochet and a sister who won't let him look at her kit. (Typical). So...I figured I'd see if *they* had a kit for him, I'd use the coupon, and all would be well and good.

Only....the crochet kits? Were all Guuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrllllllllll stuff. Purses/lacey scarves/flower bracelets. Himself would NEVER get into *that*. So. OK, I can deal with this.

I hit the yarn section. Ooooh - books! Cool...let's see if they have any amigurumi (love that I have the spelling now!) books! Hmmm...cute fruit. Nah. Oooh - animals! Well....OhOHOHHHH! Crobots!!!! (Yes, folks - I found a book on crocheted Robots. :bangs head:)

Ok - I know what the coupon will be used on. :grin: I flipped the book open (it's all greek....:sigh:), figured out what hook/yarn the patterns were written for, and gathered it up.

So. He now has a "kit" to make a couple of Crobots. Worsted-weight yarn, size 2.75mm hook, and the book. (I bought Herself a skein of bright clown-spore, so she wouldn't feel left out. :lol:) We'll see if either one keeps up with it.....:fingers crossed:

Oh - and I got a set of 9 hooks off of eBay for $10 with shipping. Since I just paid $2 for *1* hook, I think that was a good deal. If the kids DON'T take up crochet, I can use the hooks for picking up dropped knit stitches. Or something. I STILL Don't Understand how crochet works. I tried to help Herself last night - I can do a chain. I figured out how to go back, pick up a stitch (just like knitting!! :lol:), and even pull the thread thru...but I don't understand how *2* stitches are called "single crochet". It...doesn't make sense to me. Nor can I really be sure I'm picking up the proper...stitch? Side of a stitch?

I mean, in knitting, all your stitches are held nice and tidy on the left-hand needle. The right-hand needle works them in order - it's all orderly and logical.

Crochet? You've got a hook, and the work just hangs out, only attached by 1 loop. It's not logical AT ALL - to me, anyway - and it simply doesn't make sense. :sigh:

Oh, well - if I can get the kids crocheting, we'll be covered in the event we require something crocheted. I've got the knitting side covered. :lol:
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