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Houston, we have a problem....


Previous Entry Houston, we have a problem.... Feb. 1st, 2010 @ 01:41 pm Next Entry
see, we ran to JoAnn's at lunch today. I had a 40% off coupon, and a little boy who wants to learn to crochet and a sister who won't let him look at her kit. (Typical). So...I figured I'd see if *they* had a kit for him, I'd use the coupon, and all would be well and good.

Only....the crochet kits? Were all Guuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrllllllllll stuff. Purses/lacey scarves/flower bracelets. Himself would NEVER get into *that*. So. OK, I can deal with this.

I hit the yarn section. Ooooh - books! Cool...let's see if they have any amigurumi (love that I have the spelling now!) books! Hmmm...cute fruit. Nah. Oooh - animals! Well....OhOHOHHHH! Crobots!!!! (Yes, folks - I found a book on crocheted Robots. :bangs head:)

Ok - I know what the coupon will be used on. :grin: I flipped the book open (it's all greek....:sigh:), figured out what hook/yarn the patterns were written for, and gathered it up.

So. He now has a "kit" to make a couple of Crobots. Worsted-weight yarn, size 2.75mm hook, and the book. (I bought Herself a skein of bright clown-spore, so she wouldn't feel left out. :lol:) We'll see if either one keeps up with it.....:fingers crossed:

Oh - and I got a set of 9 hooks off of eBay for $10 with shipping. Since I just paid $2 for *1* hook, I think that was a good deal. If the kids DON'T take up crochet, I can use the hooks for picking up dropped knit stitches. Or something. I STILL Don't Understand how crochet works. I tried to help Herself last night - I can do a chain. I figured out how to go back, pick up a stitch (just like knitting!! :lol:), and even pull the thread thru...but I don't understand how *2* stitches are called "single crochet". It...doesn't make sense to me. Nor can I really be sure I'm picking up the proper...stitch? Side of a stitch?

I mean, in knitting, all your stitches are held nice and tidy on the left-hand needle. The right-hand needle works them in order - it's all orderly and logical.

Crochet? You've got a hook, and the work just hangs out, only attached by 1 loop. It's not logical AT ALL - to me, anyway - and it simply doesn't make sense. :sigh:

Oh, well - if I can get the kids crocheting, we'll be covered in the event we require something crocheted. I've got the knitting side covered. :lol:
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Date:February 1st, 2010 11:51 pm (UTC)
Get on ravelry & hit the pattern tab. Then under getneral drop-down menu select crochet, then click 'yes' on 'photo'. Then under the availabiliy drop-down menu, click 'free'. 46 pages of free amigurumi patterns. That's a total of 920 patterns. That could keep the kids occupied for awhile!
Date:February 2nd, 2010 04:32 am (UTC)
Ok crochet - it is just slip knots. one after another.
Single crochet just means you pull the yarn through a single loop. That is the row you are working back through.
So you have your loop on the hook. you poke through grab the yarn - pull it back through. now you have two loops - then you grap the yarn again and pull it through both loops the "single" one you pulled through and the original.

Double crochet means you start with your oringinal loop, put a loop on the yarn first (that's one) - then poke though and grab another (that's two), pull it back, then grab another loop to pull through the first two. Then grab another yarn and pull it through the remaining two and you are left with one loop.

*I* don't get knit..it seems like I would forget what the heck I am doing. I can knit a bit, but I can't see how it can be done fast at all.
To me crochet is like cursive writing - a bunch of connected loops...and knitting is like a nine point printer. Remember those? just rows of dots that if you keep up long enough without putting any in the wrong place will eventually make sense.

Last night I dreamt of weaving on a loom...and I woke up frustrated because I couldn't figure out how to move the warp strings. And then when I woke up I was thinking it over and thoght - HA! I don't have to weave anything! I can crochet! all I need is string and a hook!
You are smart - you could get crochet.
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Date:February 2nd, 2010 11:43 am (UTC)
:giggle: You give me too much credit!

I get the "poke thru" part...I just can't figure out why pulling yarn thru *2* loops = *single* crochet - that makes no sense to me. It also sorta freaks me out that the fabric just hangs there with nothing but 1 teeny loop of yarn holding it to the hook.

Knitting, now - the just worked loops are on the right needle. When you set the work down in the middle of a row/during a sock/hat, you figure out which needle the yarn is attached to (from the ball), and *that* needle goes in the right hand. If you're knitting with only 2 needles (flat), and 1 needle is empty, THAT needle goes in the right hand, and the full one goes in the left. You just work the stitch closest to the point.

Weaving - Ahhhhh, weaving! it's EASY, and logical (and I think I figured out my problem - I like stuff to be logical, and crochet isn't - to me, anyway!). The warps are on the loom. Depending on the *type* of loom, they are either run thru a heddle with slots and holes, or thru string heddles tied to frames. You lift and lower each frame to make your pattern. (Or, on a *really* simple loom, you use a needle to run your weft thru.....) You probably already knew this. :blush:

Crochet is faster than knitting, and weaving is faster than crochet. For LARGE projects (tablecloths/blankets/etc), I'd go with weaving. I haven't worn crocheted socks...but I read somewhere they are a little less flexible than knitted ones (don't know...just passing that on).

I really need to get a warp on the loom - she's sat idle for far too long!
(spin a yarn)
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