Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

:ugh:....the crud, it is going around...

and I seem to have caught it. Sore throat, stuffy nose, slight earache. Sweet Geek has the above, plus the upset tummy. Himself is OK, Herself has the head-stuff.

Himself, however, has other problems. He was running in gym yesterday, and he ran into the boy in front of him, and fell. The boy behind him stepped on his glasses. :grrrr: All accidental, but still.....the glasses are wonky, but wearable. Himself's elbow, however.....nice, 1" long scrape, and bruising. I applied E-balm to it, so we'll see how it does. We were planning on eye exams next month...guess they'll be moved up. :sigh:

Red Angel's latest post has had me was about Mercy and Justice. I might post later - I gotta get my thoughts in order, first.

Sweater: Didn't get a whole lot done yesterday. Ms boss was SUPPOSED to not be in. I had planned on working on it....we got a surprise deadline, so the morning was spent getting the contract work done (usually we have time to do it..this was sudden. Oh, well...). I started knitting AT LUNCH.......Ms boss came in at 12:40. DURING our lunch hour. :sigh: Had to put it up, because knitting isn't allowed (even on MY OWN TIME!!!). :sigh: She'll be in all day sigh:

Exercise: Did the "Fat Buring" DVD last night. It's.....OK, it's strenuous, but not as bad as the "Slim Down" one. And not as bad as I remembered. Lots of leg work. Tonight (unless I am hacking up a lung), I'll do the Hips/Thighs one. *That's* where most of my fluff is - my upper body is OK (needs toning, but it's OK.) I'll save the Abs workout for either tomorrow or whenever. Trying to decide if I want to alternate an "easy" DVD with the Slim Down/Fat Burning ones.

Mom: got all the tubes out yesterday. Still in ICU. Finally got rid of some phlegm - but not by coughing. (Upset tummy, basically. :ugh:) I need to call the nurse...maybe later today? Not sure when she'll be home.

DIY: Have been looking for a Wooly Board for blocking sweaters. (Yes, they ARE a necessity for well-knit sweaters, IF you want said sweaters to look their best.) That's the cheapest I found them I kept looking. I found a link for plans for a PVC one...but...I really don't LIKE PVC. It (OK, I AM cheap, but...I also like things to look nice. Plus, the price quotes were around $40....that's still a little high - especially for PVC!) Then, I hit paydirt = Wooly Board Instructions from Knitting Beyond the Hebrides (I used to be a member, way back when she who will NOT be named was really getting nasty). This uses 5 36" dowel rods, 1 thinner one, and a 36" long piece of scrap 2x4. CHEAP. And nice looking! :grin:

Sweet Geek has promised to make me one. When, I don't know, but he's got until his sweater is finished. :lol: It's adjustable, and I do have plans for more sweaters, so it IS a necessity.

Need to drag out my office sweater - it's COLD up here. :brrrrr:
Tags: exercise, kids, knitting, sweater

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