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Previous Entry The ICK has a name... Feb. 4th, 2010 @ 06:14 pm Next Entry
so, at 2 PM, Sweet Geek arrived at home. I met him at the door unable to speak.....so he called the local doc for me. He actually got me an appointment! - so he left to pick up the kids, and I headed to the doc.

Young guy, but seems to know his stuff. His staff is odd...but that's OK, I guess.

The nurse asked why I was here. I mumbled "Strep, I think." :sniff: "Oh. Symptoms?" (Dumbass - can't you tell I can't TALK???) "Sore throat. Ears. Nose. Head." "OK. Allergies?" "Pencillan. And Pain Meds" After a bit of chat (Dammit, didn't I SAY I had a sore throat???), she left.

I knit a few rows on the sleeve, then the doc came in. "So, what brings you here today?" :sigh: "I think it's Strep - hope I'm wrong." "Oh.....have you had Strep before?" :Nods: "Allright....sore throat?" "Knives" "Let me look - ooooh, it's angry. No white spots yet - you came in early. That's good. Let's see - ears are icky. Lymph nodes - do you have tonsils?" :shakes head: "OK, then your lymph nodes are slightly swollen - I bet you're right! Just for paper, though, I need to swab..here.....OK. I'll be back"

Yup. Strep. He offered me either a shot or a Z-pack - with my wonky reactions, I took the Z-pack (done that before - it worked). He emailed the 'script to the pharmacy, I picked it up, and now I'm home. With a burning throat, scratchy eyes, and slight headache.

The chili didn't help the throat. :lol:

I'm planning on staying home tomorrow - we'll see.

On the plus side, though, I think we found a local doc. We'll see how he does long-term. We're finally on Sweet Geek's insurance - which is MUCH better than mine - so we can doctor shop. Need to change Herself's doc for sure...gotta look for one.
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