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It's Raining, it's pouring....


Previous Entry It's Raining, it's pouring.... Feb. 8th, 2010 @ 06:13 am Next Entry
Again. Or is that still? :sigh:

I'm up and mobile this morning. NOT really coherent, but I'm up. Have to go to work...so....here I am. :grin:

I think I'm reacting to the antibiotics - I don't recall EVER being so blah and brain-dead and tired while on them before. I have had a hard time staying awake....I mean, I took a NAP yesterday (2 hours) AND fell asleep at 7 PM. :shakes head:

Weekend Update: Busy. :lol:

Saturday: Herself helped fix breakfast (!). Headed to the grocery store, ended up being out for 6 hours. On the way to town, I spotted 2 teeny-tiny puppies in the cow pasture....crying for mama. They were about 6 weeks old - and whoever let them out/dropped them off should be horse-whipped. Those poor babies were *freezing*, they were scared, and they still had milk-breath. :fumes:

We picked them up, of course, and after a quick confab headed to the "closest" animal shelter. Which didn't open until 1. It was 9:30. :sigh: We hit Tractor Supply (hey - we were there and needed birdseed) and thought we'd found a home for the female...but the Dad overruled his 5 year old daughter (poor man. The wife was just as upset as the daughter!) We tried the SPCA (another 30 miles away), but THEY didn't open until 12, and require a "reservation" to drop off an animal. :sigh:

We went back to the Shelter at 12:30....and the 2 babies found a home with a rescue group. They were cute..but we do NOT need another dog - especially not one that young.

Finally made it to the grocery store at 3......:sigh:

Sunday: Got up, did 1 load of laundry, then fell back into bed for 2 hours. Sweet Geek built another milking stand (1 more to go!), the kids cleaned the chicken coop (supposedly - I haven't been outside), then everyone trooped into the family room to watch...X-men, I think. Then.....oh, yeah - Star Trek: First Contact, and then the Super Bowl.

I feel better, except my ears feel infected and my nose is full of goop. I'm still tired (why? I have slept SO much the past 4 days it isn't funny!), but at least I can think this morning.

And I have to go feed critters. In the rain. Fun stuff....:grin:
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