Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
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The "winter weather" that was supposed to hit...hasn't. It's COLD (currently 28*....when I got up an hour and a half ago, it was 30*), it's wet (it rained ALL. Damn. Day. Yesterday), but the roads appear to be clear and (relatively) accident-free. Right. Betcha there's a bunch of idiots out there about the time I hit the road. :sigh:

I feel like I am making very little progress on the Never-ending Cardigan. I knit and knit and knit AND knit...and still have 3" to go on the sleeve. I'm itching to start something new, something riotous with color, something *new*.

Interweave didn't help - yesterday I received my copy of "Knitting Traditions"...on the cover? Beautiful, colorful, Turkish socks. :sigh: Add that to the "Fancy Feet" book I bought the other day, and it's a receipe for the knitting-doldrums. (The magazine? WORTH the money! Full of beautiful knitted projects from all over the world - the Yarn Harlots' current sweater? The Bohus "Wild Apple" is IN THERE. I could totally knit one.....if I wanted to. :grin: Without having to buy the kit. :lol:)

I am craving a new pair of socks. A colorful pair. A *stranded* pair. :sigh: Soon as I finish sleeve #2 I will CO for a pair of brightly-colored, wild socks. To take the edge off before starting *my* sweater. (Which won't be as mind-numbing as the Cardigan - for one thing, it's 2 colors; they're knit in strips, and I can change up what color/pattern I knit so I don't get so bored. Hopefully)

I need to get a photo of the RH loom - Sweet Geek is having fun weaving lace. He just called me - he wants to warp up some placemats or something. :lol: Good think I have a placemat kit around here.....:snicker:

Gotta go feed critters!
Tags: blather, country life, knitting, sweater

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