Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

The dog FINALLY did it...

she did something so naughty that she pissed off her staunch protector, Sweet Geek (let me say, up front - no serious harm was done to anything of mine.)

I got home a little early last night. I was contemplating dinner - I had beef, and chicken, but was pretty much out of ideas (you know how it gets - you *have* food, but don't want to make the same ol' thing.) Sweet Geek asked me to help him feed...and while out, asked me what we were doing for dinner. I told him I didn't know yet - I was thinking about it.

We feed the critters (goats are SILLY creatures, that just KNOW they will starve to death RIGHT now, unless you give them feed STAT. :lol:), and get back into the warmth of the house. Sweet Geek announces that HE is taking us out for dinner. Okey-dokey! The kids get their shoes/coats/hats on, I grab my shoes (it's muddy out there! Can't wear mud boots to dinner!) and, as we start to head out, I look at Snips. I look at Sweet Geek.

"OK." I say. "I'm gonna give you a chance. DON'T BLOW IT." Out we went.

We were gone MAYBE 45 minutes. (I'm thinking it was only 30, but I'm not sure. I know it wasn't an hour.) We walked inside......:deep breath:

My CHULLO WAS ON THE FLOOR. She had yanked it off of the center of the table (and half the tablecloth, too), and ripped a tassel off (no other damage, praise the Lord! Otherwise, she'd be gone.) She had eaten some of the....I don't know what they're called, but they are small plastic beads that you put on a peg board in a pattern, then iron to melt and fuse the beads together. Anyway, the stupid dog had EATEN 2 of the fused projects the kids had made. She had gotten into some of my wool. She had pulled some paper towels out of the trash......and she had the audacity to greet us as we came in the door.

To say Sweet Geek was FURIOUS is an understatement. He was more upset about my hat than *I* was. He has FINALLY made up his mind that she HAS to have training (before now, it was all "Yes, dear - I know. We will." Now? It's "As soon as I get paid, I'll write the trainer a check. We HAVE to do something." :snicker:)

He was still pissed at her this morning - which is a surprise. I fully expected her to have him wrapped around her little paw again...nope. Apparently, it took a threat to something he saw me put a LOT of time into.....damn. Had I known that, I'd have left some other project out. (Just kidding - I do NOT trust this dog. I'm not gonna risk any of my hard work.) I am glad she didn't do any permanent damage - all I had to do was re-braid the tassel cord and re-tie it to the earflap. (Well, she did destroy the kids' projects......:sigh:)

We'll see how it goes from here - but he's still mad at her. :snicker:

I need to knit a bit before feeding critters. It's 32* outside, and I'm not ready to face that yet. Plus, I'm about 1" from finishing sleeve #1. :bounce: I wanna get this sweater FINISHED. I wanna knit something with umpteen colors and wild patterns and looks like a sock! :lol:
Tags: chullo, knitting, pets, sweater

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