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Here's to 2005...

Let's hope it's better than 2004 was - 2004 sucked royally.

First was all the legal stuff, then my old mortgage company sued me. They claimed that we didn't probate the will...then they changed and said, well, it wasn't done *correctly*. Ummmm, yeah - I had one of the best and most well known attorneys in Dallas do it (he's a member of our former church, and if you hear about a Dallas lawsuit on the TV, it's probably him that's defending.) That's taken almost 4 months to straighten out.

Then, Social Security decided that I make too much money, so they cut me off - that's $700/month...which was the grocery/gas/incidentals. My paychecks pay the house, van, and tractor. Himself's SS check pays the daycare (barely - and there is No other daycare in the area. And, they are reasonable, and actually cheaper than where we were before), and Herself's pays the utilities and other assorted bills. So, now I get to figure out how to afford all this stuff. *sigh* Oh, and Herself's ballet is going up $15. Yippee.

The kicker? SS claims it's *my* fault they overpaid me. Ummmmmmmmm, yeah, and explain that, please? I disclosed my full salary (which was, at that time, $15K more than it is now), and had to provide a paycheck stub. So, how is it *my* fault again??

Oh, and add to that the fact that this is probably the last year I'll get a bonus, so I have to figure out how to save $3600 for next years property taxes.

One of my uncles died the day after Christmas - the first one on Dad's side. Now, there are 7........

Ahhh, well, there were a few good things. It seems my stalker hasn't found me - yet. We go the Zoey-monster, who ran off the neighborhood drug dealer. I got a new loom - OK, so maybe I shouldn't have bought it, but Damn - you gotta have some enjoyment in life. I've found a few fiber-folk in the area. I found out that Himself's godmother is pregnant (yeah! Finally a new baby to make stuff for!!! And it isn't mine!!!!!!!!) We found a wonderful church home that we actually *fit*, instead of being oddballs (I'm still "different", but here, it doesn't matter. AND, one of the male members is willing to teach me needle-tatting. So, I'm not so different after all!) My FIL's cancer is still in remission. My co-worker's back is better, and her DH's kidneys have (sort of ) stabilized. My wrist isn't hurting - at the moment, but I'll take what I can get. (I'm grasping at straws here, people!)

So, here's to a much better 2005. The only way to go is up, right?

I need to go take my bad mood to the loom and see if I can't beat it out. Twill napkins for us, so...heavy beating won't matter so much.
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