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Happy Day off!


Previous Entry Happy Day off! Feb. 15th, 2010 @ 11:01 am Next Entry
I've already: taken the kids to school, taken a nap, done 2 loads of laundry, cleaned my kitchen, knit a bit...think I need to go to work to relax! :lol:

Forgot to mention in yesterday's post - Sleeve #1 is DONE. Finished it Friday AM at Denny's. Sleeve #2 is up to the 2nd pattern repeat (out of 12 total. :sigh: Still - progress!)

We hit Home Depot yesterday and picked up the stuff for my Wooly Board. Let's see...$100 for a ready-made one, or $26 for the dowel rods and glue to MAKE one. Oh, and I should mention - these are OAK dowels! I am chuffed! Now, to get Sweet Geek to actually BUILD it....:lol:

Zorra cut her mouth on something yesterday....she seems fine, but it's still worrisome. I didn't find anything she could have cut it on......

Oh! While we were out Saturday, we hit B&N. I had another 15% off coupon...so the kids each got a book (Airigami for Himself, How to Crochet for Herself (she hasn't noticed that it's aimed at *6* year olds. She's finally figured it out and is going great guns. :whew!:) and I got the Piecework "Historical Knitting" edition. It's cool.....and I now have a mitten project, a kippah project, another sock project....:grin:

Guess I should rustle up lunch and work on the sleeve. I wanna knit something COLORFUL. Or at least Not Green. :lol:
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