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Cold Tuesday.... - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

About Cold Tuesday....

Previous Entry Cold Tuesday.... Feb. 16th, 2010 @ 06:15 am Next Entry
:yawn: The dogs actually let me sleep almost ALL night last night! We have the pet door closed because of mud...so when they have to go out (potty/barking/patrol), they scratch on my door. I got to sleep straight thru to 3:30 this morning!

That's good, because Sweet Geek was at his aunt's last night (they are....moving something at his work, so he's pulling long hours. Fun!). Normally, HE gets up to let them out......so it was nice that they thought of me. :grin:
Hope they do it again - he might not be home tonight, either. :sigh: (We had to ask a neighbor to pick up the kids...I can drop them off - for now - but picking them up is problematical. They both have my cell #...so :fingers crossed: it goes well.

Am trying to clear off some bobbins for NTIF - it's coming up quick. Got over 200 yards off of the blue froghair I've been working on forever. Still have more on the bobbins.....then I need to clear off the orange. I'm trying to get 4 empties for the demo - that way I know I'll have enough bobbins. :grin:

The stove has been ordered; the rest will be ordered tomorrow. Still looks like next weekend will be the install - hope it doesn't get as cold again! (Although I doubt we'd lose power again...still, can't be too prepared!)

For my records: Wormed the goats yesterday. 1 ml Ivomec/37.5 pounds, orally. All 3 goats were about 120 pounds, so they each got 3 ml (well, they got a FULL 3 ml syringe - a little *more* than 3 ml.)

Zorra cut her mouth sometime on Sunday - she's fine, but it looks icky. I treated it with E-balm. She can eat and chew her cud, and doesn't seem to be in any pain or distress....but we'll keep watching.
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