Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It's Cold....

26* this AM. The high today is supposed to be 56* - almost where it's *supposed* to be. Tomorrow, it's supposed to be 60* - THAT'S more like it! :grin:

Herself is crocheting up a storm! She's already finished a "wash cloth" for me (need to take photos - it's good!) and is working on a scarf for one of her Beanie Babies (I...don't even know. She's happy, so...:shrug:) She's now working with some acrylic that she HAD to have.....and she says it "feels funny". :snicker: Guess I shouldn't have started her with cotton - but it's what I had on hand.

We're planning on going to the LYS (Local Yarn Store) Saturday - I want to try and sell the 12H table loom. *IF* I'm lucky, the shop will buy it, and I can just trade with them. :grin: I want some more weaving yarns, some solid-color sock yarns for my *next* project (Turkish socks! I need TONS of color!), and I'd like to get the kids' stashes started (or at least Herself's - Himself is off of yarn-fondling at the moment and is concentrating on Airigami. least he's doing SOMETHING with his hands!) Maybe pick up yet another set of crochet hooks, since Himself has *lost* the set I got off of eBay. :sigh:

Cleared off 3 more bobbins last night - soon as I ply up the last little bit of orange, I'll have cleared off every bobbin except the one that's on the Norwegian. (Cashmere - THAT one won't be touched until it's full!) The Norwegian is now ready for NTIF.....and I'm a little more comfortable with the Can. Sax (my Production Wheel). That lovely scares me - it's SO fast! (Well, DUH! It has a 30" drive wheel!) One of these days I'll get comfortable with her......I'm having trouble controlling the foot vs hand speed. I just need to sit down and play.....but right now I'm in a knitting mode. (The sleeve is at 25% now.....we're moving along. Slowly, but progress can be seen)

Pondering the Book of Revelation again.....lots of questions. Well, we'll know soon enough, I think.
Tags: blather, crochet, kids, knitting, spinning, sweater

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