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Previous Entry Pictures! Feb. 18th, 2010 @ 05:32 am Next Entry
OK....I am so chuffed over Herself's crochet-mastery that I HAD to take a photo! There's only 1..because, well....it's a square. :lol: How many photos can you take of a *square*?

We've decided it's a washcloth for *me*. I'm pretty proud of her - she figured this out pretty much on her own. I did the 1st 2 rows for her - complaining the whole time that I do NOT do crochet. :grin: (Yes, I AM sneaky, why do you ask??) She's finished a scarf for her Beanie Baby Lizard (I....whatever. It's cute.) and she's currently working on a (bizarre) multi-colored cat for Sweet Geek's aunt. No pictures of the scarf - but I WILL take one of the finished cat.

And, since I'm doing photos.....here's the yarn I plied on the Can Sax:

I'm still figuring out the proper foot-to-hand speed on this baby - she's FAST. I either get too *much* twist, or nowhere near enough. You can see here that I do not have enough twist. :sigh: Since I'm trying to be honest I posted it anyway. :lol:

This is a 2-ply, and yes, it's a fine yarn. The original plan was to use it in some very bizarre and bright argyle-ish socks...I'm thinking that's not gonna work. We'll see........I have some neon lime green of about the same grist, and blue, and bright day-glo pink. Yeah...the socks were gonna be SCREAMINGLY bright. :lol:

Here's a slightly fuzzy shot of the blue - you can see it's teeny, too.

Here's the first skein of the blue - there's about 300 yards there, I think. My reel "clicks" every 100 revolutions - it clicked 2x on this skein. I figure I probably had 50 yards or so before the first one, and maybe another 25-30 after the 2nd one. I'm too lazy to actually count the ends, though......an estimate is good enough for now. :grin:

I know I don't have as much orange or pink...not sure about the green. Still, there's enough blue to use as a base for socks....and enough of the other colors to pattern it. I just need to contemplate what I'm going to do with all this froghair.....

Still contemplating Revelation.....had a few thoughts, but need to read it all before trying to put them into words.
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