Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It's Friday Morning...

and the weather isn't AS cold. 36* right now....supposed to hit 60* today. (It was 58* yesterday...whee!)

Sunny is molting - she looks like she has mange, poor thing! :lol: Herself has decided it's HER job to pluck her....we have a full grocery sack already. Zorra's mouth is healing - finally got to look at it last night. Looks like she cut her lip on the fence or something - but it's healing. She's not drooling anymore. :lol: I've been treating it with E-balm - if you've never tried it, you need to! (Goodies Unlimited - Aubrey makes it all herself, and it's FANTASTIC. It's helped my scars not look so awful. (No affiliation, etc - just a happy customer)

Himself made dinner last night - breaded chicken nuggets and sugar snap peas. It was yummy! All I had to do was cut up the chicken - he did the rest. Very tasty - we're talking of having 1 night a week be "kids' night", where they do the meal. :bounce:

Refund hit today - too bad it's all spent. :lol: The stove is due to be installed sometime next week....good timing! Especially since they are forecasting SNOW again. :sigh:

Lunch today at the Mercury with Mrs boss. This'll be interesting!

Herself has just about finished cat #1. She's sewing on the ears and feet now......crochet IS faster than knitting, I'll grant - but I prefer the look of knitting. No biggie - I'm just thrilled she's playing with yarn!

Sweet Geek is chomping at the bit to get the loom warped. I'm pretty sure his enthusiasm will fade when he realizes he has 366 ends to sley and thread (at 24 EPI. :snicker:) (I LOVE the whole warping process - I get a charge out of handling the yarn, "seeing" the fabric as it's set up on the loom...the weaving part is sort of a let-down for me. It's all wood-handling at that point.....) Still, I'm looking forward to the new placemat set.

Need to get to knitting!
Tags: country life, crochet, kids, knitting, weaving

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