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Resolutions and blather

Today in church, our pastor had a very good message. It was about the *right* type of resolutions to make - not "I am going to lose weight/work out more/get out of debt", but "OK, I am going to attempt to change my attitude this year."

He told us a story of a king who set 2 servants a task. The first he told to take 6 months cataloging all the weeds in the kingdom; the second to catalog all the flowers. The first one came back complaining that nothing *but* weeds grew in the kingdom, the 2nd was praising all the beautiful flowers - in fact, he saw nothing *but* flowers.

So, I am going to try to look for the good in everything. Easy? Probably not. But I think it'll be easier to keep this resolution than the normal ones.

So, in that vein: Today, I had to go out in the rain and fix 6 holes in my fence, then catch the (blind) pony and walk him home. The rain was warm (this *is* Texas, after all) and pleasant, the mud wasn't too slippery, and I was able to convice the pony that a bucket of sweet feed was a good bribe. (I also, incidentally, burned about 500 calories during this! *g*) My fence is (for the moment) secure, all the horses are home - it is good. Plus, the bottom fell out the moment I got inside, and it poured for the next 2 hours.

I spent most of yesterday super-gluing Himself's Lego X-wing. Now, before you Lego enthusiasts write to me "OMGWTF??? You can't Glue Legos! That ruins them!", please tell me that you will be available 24/7 to come over and re-assemble said X-wing when my almost 5 year old has the Evil Emperor Zurg hit it with his Laser Z gun, right before Buzz Lightyear blasts Zurg and then runs over him with the snow speeder.

What? Buzz and Zurg aren't Star Wars charactors, and you can't *do* that? I'll have you know that I am raising a very fine Star Wars Geek - he has seen all the movies, most of the cartoons/specials/etc...but c'mon. Jedi are no match for Buzz Lightyear, and Emperor Palpatine couldn't beat the Evil Emperor Zurg in a bar fight. I mean, jedi *die*, and Buzz doesn't, and Zurg always gets away. (Or so my almost 5 year old tells me. I have no opinion one way or the other, except that the young Obi Wan is Hot Hot Hot) And while Ewoks are cute, LGM's are much more fun - they have the Uni-mind!

*ahem* So, unless you are going to move in and become the official Lego assembly person, don't tell me not to Super Glue these things. *I'm* still trying to convince him that he doesn't Need the Lego Millenium Falcon (5 billion pieces)...and we do Not need a Death Star. Really. Zurg is cool without it.......I'm failing miserably here. (Especially since the movie du jour is the bonus DVD from the original Trilogy "Mom, dat's Darf Vad-or. He's cool! Dat's how they made his suit!")

Herself has spent lots of time with the pottery wheel. The cup - and I use that term very very loosely - is lopsided and......odd, but she's happy with it, so I am too. She's mad at me because I won't let her paint it, but she just threw it yesterday, and the clay is not fully dry yet. So, she threw another one today. It's a little better - not as lopsided or lumpy, but still short. I need to find a local (or close to it) potter so she can watch a pro - I have no desire to play with clay. I have *way* too much on my plate right now, and would much rather support a real potter than learn to do it myself. Or so I keep telling myself. *g*

The decorations are all packed up, so now I can rearrange things. I need to move the drum carder out of the studio into the front room, but I can't do that until I get the sock machine moved....and then I have to figure out where I'm going to put the overflow fiber containers. My pie safe is full, and the rubbermaid tubs are blocking the "aisle" on the side of the loom. (OK, the formal dining room is Not Large Enough for the Swedish Loom. There, I've said it. Happy now?? I should have built a bigger house!) Who'd'a thunk I'd outgrow my house in a year?

Ooooh, the rain's stopped - I must dash out and feed the horses!
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