Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

We interrupt your regularly scheduled post...

for a photo post! This is ALL about Herself's crochet - a pleasant change from my never-ending knitting and spinning, I'm sure. :grin:

OK....Herself *just* figured out how to crochet, what? Last week? I posted her first project then - but let me repost it, so you have an idea of how FAST she is learning.

Simple, basic washcloth. Crocheted out of Peaches'n'Cream worsted weight cotton. I did the first 2 rows (complaining the whole time that "I do NOT know what I'm doing!"....:heh:) It's a bit wonky, but I LOVE it!

We had bought her a basic "how-to" book. One of the projects was a...finger puppet thingy. She decided she HAD to have one:

This is Beaky George. I....yeah. The colors are not what I would have chosen, but she LOVES the yarn, so hey - whatever works, right? :grin: She did all the felt work herself - I did NOTHING on this project except give praise.

She went straight from the finger puppet to a "real" project. This is a cat for our "grumpy old aunt". (Sweet Geek's aunt is...well, Crazy Cat Lady isn't *quite* right, as she's not crazy. :lol:) She whipped this out in a couple of hours!

She went straight from the cat (which was from the book) to DESIGNING HER OWN toy! This is an owl for my co-worker - her birthday is March 9, and Herself wanted to make something for her. I am chuffed! No pattern, just pure imagination. (Still the bright multi-colored yarn, but - again - hey, whatever works!)

Sorry about the photos - the items were posed on my Can Sax. My floors are a disaster - we have a marsh for a back yard. The dogs go out, the dogs come's muddy pawprints *everywhere*. Not worth mopping - not until the mud dries up a bit. And with snow/rain forecasted for today, it's gonna be a while. Still, the light maple set off the colors really well, I think. :lol:

She's currently working on more finger puppets in plastic yarn. Her Social Studies class is studying......I don't know, something about small businesses. They are setting up a "flea-market" type thing the 2nd week of March, and she wants to sell crocheted stuff. And origami. I.....this is cool, she'll be able to buy her OWN supplies. :lol:

Anyway, that's what's been going on around here. She's crocheting up a storm, I'm still stuck on the never-ending cardigan, and Himself is making origami airplanes. Always something going on....:grin:
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