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Busy, Busy Weekend...


Previous Entry Busy, Busy Weekend... Mar. 1st, 2010 @ 08:29 am Next Entry
Let's see...where to begin? I know - I'll cheat!

We were busy from the time we got up Saturday AM. Got a lot accomplished, though - here, have a look!

----Well, somehow LJ has LOST the photos I uploaded last night of the "big" stuff - the milking stands Sweet Geek built out of reclaimed pallets, AND the stack of pallets we have sitting for the milkroom siding. :sigh: I'll have to upload those tonight, I guess - my Mac lets me see ALL my photos; this PC only lets me see them if I go INTO scrapbook...and there's no search feature (that I can find, anyway) in Scrapbook. (I *KNOW* I uploaded them - I remember tagging them and everything. :grrrr:)

Anyway, outdoor stuff: 1 almost completely finished milking stand - WITH the neck stantion! - and 2 that just need the stantion part. The goats figured out how to hop up there....soon as all 3 are finished we'll start feeding them on the stands every night.

Herself made a crocheted mouse: (SANS Pattern, I might add!)

Crochet Mouse

Closeup of his "face":

Mouse Face

My kippah in progress:

Kippah Center

I knew going in it wasn't exactly what I wanted - I want more of a snood. I need to add about 10 more rounds to it...I'm trying to decide *how* to add them. Still, it's a lovely thing - the silk is a joy to work with!

Finished Wooly Board:

Wooly Board

Sweet Geek is a fair woodworker. His problem? If it's not written out explicitly (First A, then B, then C etc) he can't do it. The instructions? Assumed you had a clue as to what you were building. He didn't. Lots of angst...but he got it worked out. And, hey look - it WORKS!!!

Wooly Board in use:

Aran Cardigan

Here's a better shot:

Aran Cardigan Front w/buttons

Back of Sweater:

Aran Cardigan Back

Closeup of front with the buttons:

Front w/buttons

Yes, the Never-Ending Cardigan is FINISHED. Just needs to be properly washed and blocked - but the knitting and sewing up is DONE. :huzzah: My largest project to date!

The pattern was easy to follow and the repeats were easily memorized. It just took a lot of fortitude to actually *finish* this - but I'm so glad I did!

Even better - IT FITS HIM!!!!!! Photos will be taken next weekend of him IN it........:happy dance:

Gotta run - I spent too much time fighting with Scrapbook over this!
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spin a yarn
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Date:March 1st, 2010 02:47 pm (UTC)
The Never-Ending Cardigan is gorgeous. Well done on sticking with it. Now he's got his very own heirloom knit to wear and love and cherish for years.

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Date:March 1st, 2010 07:29 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I love how it turned out - and the fact that it *fits* is just the cherry on top!
Date:March 1st, 2010 02:57 pm (UTC)
Ya know...I just didn't realize how NICE that sweater would look when you finished it. That is such an understatement...And here it is only March 1st!
Good job~ ali
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Date:March 1st, 2010 07:29 pm (UTC)
:giggle: Yeah - it's a beautiful pattern, but it's MUCH nicer in person! He's already told me that *I* don't get to wear it. :snicker:
(spin a yarn)
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