Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

but couldn't, because LJ ate the photos. :sigh: Anyway, here's part 2 of my "What I did on my Weekend" post:

First up, what Sweet Geek has been working on for the past...oh, month or so:

This is a side view - you can see it's made from a couple of wood pallets. The bread pans? Will become the feeders on the front of the neck stanchion. Soon-ish. :lol: (It's not unlevel - it's the way I tried to take the picture)

Closer look at the base. It's very, very sturdy - and not too tall for the does to jump up on (see the hoof prints? :lol: We tested it out)

The neck stanchion part. We need to add a hook-and-eye, and change the bottom screw to a nut-and-bolt, but it's done, and it does hold the goats. I'm not sure why it's sideways - it uploaded correctly, it's upright in my folder...ah, well. I quit! (And now it looks like it's oriented correctly. I really DO give up!)

The whole thing's not pretty, but it's functional, and it was virtually *free*. We had the 4x4 scraps for the legs, we had (most of) the screws we used, all the wood came from FREE pallets (from Sweet Geek's work)...I'm pleased with how it turned out.

You can see we have 2 more on the "assembly line". The plan is to have 3 in the milk room; with 5 does in milk, we'll have to milk in shifts anyway. With 3 stands, the kids and I can milk the first 2 (our Nubians are due first (they're at the breeder's, still), then the last 3. The Nubians will have to be milked 2x/day, unless they each have a buckling.....they're the ones we're really looking at production-wise.

This is our wood pile. What doesn't get used for the stands will become panelling inside the milkroom. We already have enough insulation to do the North and South walls.....Sweet Geek says he can bring home 3 pallets a day until the warehouse closes, so we're set there. Again - FREE. :lol: I can live with a rustic milkroom......There's some plastic pallets in the back; we've been using those as flooring.

And...I give you the slave labor Helpers in this endeavor. :lol: Himself put together the stands and braced them while Sweet Geek ran the drill and saw(s). Zoey was the overseer; Snips was annoying. (She chased my hens! Zoey kept telling her to cool it.....Dusty *almost* taught her a lesson, but he's too much of a gentleman to actually kick without warning.)

Think that's all the missing photos.....I need to check my folder. :grin:
Tags: country life, goats, kids, pets, pictures

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