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It's Tuesday.....

and The Sweater has been washed. It needed it - it had been hauled around for what? 2 years? And was...pretty filthy. (The wash water? Was *gross*!). It's now back on the wooly board, drying. It survived the wash!!! (Yes, this makes me happy! :lol:)

Herself is cranking out more mice....she wants to make her Science Teacher a Lab Rat. :groan: But hey - it's keeping her busy. :lol:

I'm almost done with the Kippah as written. It *is* a Kippah, so it's small - 8" diameter - and I want something more "snood" like, so I'm going to wing another round of the petals. That should make it the right size. The silk is *wonderful* to work with! So smooth and shiny....I'm geeked over how it's looking (especially since I switched to circs last night - you can see the "round-ness" of it now. So pretty!) The goal is to wear it to NTIF this I gotta get knitting. :grin:

Sweet Geek is fighting a stuff. He brought home 3 more pallets yesterday - think we almost have enough wood for the milkroom. :grin:
Tags: blather, crochet, knitting, sweater

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