Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It's Photo Time!

OK, I promised Photos, so photos you will get! I didn't get to take many while at NTIF, since I was stuck behind my wheel for most of the weekend, but I did get a couple of The Sweater. I took photos of the yarn spun at NTIF tonight.

Here's The Sweater in all it's glory:

You can see my Sweet Geek is ALL Sorts of Thrilled about modelling it (he wanted to take photos of the stage to make sure was set up right? I dunno - I do snapshots, not Photos.)

And, the back:

You can see it FITS him.....AND it actually looks fantastic with his kilt. (Marine Corps tartan, for those as into kilts as me. He refuses to wear his MacDuff kilt now - He's a Marine, Damn It! :lol:) (And yes, I AM a kilt-girl. Mmmmmm, kilts......and my Sweet Geek looks really good in one. :snuggles:)

*ahem* This was a very productive weekend for me. Saturday, I finished 2 skeins of 3-plied yarn (I cheated; I spun a bobbin then Navajo/chain plied it. Neat trick, if you can do it without the singles breaking. I couldn't.....but the crowd was impressed.)

The colors are pretty close here - the roving is LOUD, the singles LOUDER (if you can believe it - usually, spinning tones down the colors a little), but the plied yarn isn't too bad. I need to wash and block it before knitting the requested hat (it's a bit overspun in parts, because I was demo-ing. I try to do it well, but sometimes get distracted by (stupid) questions and my consistancy goes right out the window. It's still usable, just not as perfect as I'd like.) It came out pretty much worsted-weight, which was actually what I was aiming for. Go me! :lol:

The small ball of Pyr-hair singles spun almost directly from the dogs:

I'll be plying from the center-pull ball soon-ish. It's a nice, halo-y single - can't wait to see the finished 2-ply!

And, what I worked on ALL day Sunday:

This was the full days' worth of spinning. An almost full bobbin of lace-weight singles. (I told people "This is how socks begin!" when they'd ask what I was doing). It'll eventually become a nice 3-ply yarn; THAT will become a pair of kilt hose for Sweet Geek (the color? Is an almost *perfect* match to The Sweater. I think that'll work. :wink:)

Sweet Geek has a bunch more photos - Alden had asked me to get some of both the Scottish Wheel and the Norwegian for him. I think we have plenty of my Lovely Scottish Wheel.....we'll have to get the Norwegian set up so we can get some of her. (He needs them for advertising purposes - people will ask him about sizing, and he doesn't have any of either of my wheels "in action". He will soon! :lol:)

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