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was a BANNER day!

First up, we went to Half Price Books at lunch. Sweet Geek was buying...I scored a Textile Studies book (from the U of AZ), a family Haggadah (for Passover), a Jane Austen "memoir" (fiction, of course), a CD of Handel's Messiah (been wanting one forever) and.....AND....a copy of the Book of Leviticus WITH Rashi's Commentary - IN ENGLISH. :bounce:

I love research. LOVE to learn. This? Is cool - I can see what the most revered Rabbi thought about certain passages, I can see it in Hebrew - it's way cool. Now I gotta find the other 4 books...:lol: Honestly, though - I probably won't read the whole thing - I don't want to get Rabbi-thinking mixed up with what the Torah actually says.

AND.....we officially have a milker! One of our Nubians (still at the breeder) had a little doeling yesterday (which the breeder gets to keep) - so we are now "officially" a dairy. :bounce: We're gonna go visit them Saturday - AND get pictures! Not sure when we'll bring Miss Mocha home - probably when Annie Rose kids, so we can bring both home at once. :happy dance:

Now we wait for the 3 at home to kid....
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