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Previous Entry :arrrrrgh: Mar. 15th, 2010 @ 07:55 am Next Entry
Milking this AM wasn't as good as last evening, but it was better than Sunday AM. The Maggidan's milker hurts my hands (NOT good!), so I think it's a dead horse and needs to be retired. :sigh:

Annie Rose doesn't care HOW we milk her - she's happy to stand there and be loved on. Mocha is very very particular - we will NOT get on the stand, we must stand RIGHT HERE, there must be x-amount of feed in the bin, and oh - do NOT touch the left udder with cold hands! (They weren't, in fact, cold. They were warm. Just - not warm enough, apparantly.) *I* can't sit on the cold rock floor, so starting tonight, EVERYBODY gets fed on the stand. I'm going to attempt to milk the 2 on the stand as well - by hand. :sigh:

I discovered that the strip cups I bought will hold about a pint of milk (give or take) - AND they have a screen. I think we'll be milking into them, instead of using the Maggidan's, so the milk will be "pre-filtered". Plus, when Mocha puts her foot in the bucket, it hits the screen and not the milk. :frown: (Yeah..it was one of those mornings!)

It took us 40 minutes to milk 2 does. For about 24 oz of milk. (I know I should weigh it; I even have a scale! But...for this little bit, it doesn't matter. I'm getting enough to fill 3 8oz baby bottles, so - 24 oz. This morning, I filled 1 (to the top, so about 9 oz) and a 16oz jar - still 24 oz. They should be upping production soon, if I've read the books right.....I'll start weighing when we actually get enough to make it worth while.)

Calvin is doing well - he's learned how to hop. :snicker: He only wanted to be fed 1x last night - he went from 7:30 to 3 AM! Of course, at 3 he slurped up 7 oz and asked for more...at 6 AM he slurped up another 7 oz. I'm trying to get him to 3 feedings a day - IF he can handle it. I need my sleep! (Of course, he decided at 3:30 to try and hop around the entire bathroom. We'd hear a "thump. :pause: thump :pause: thumpathumpathump! :pause: :rinse, lather,repeat:" :snicker: I figured out the "thump" was his front feet, the "thumpathumpa" was all 4. Silly thing!)

Gotta get the bills done, then I can maybe rest. :snicker: On tax day? I live in a dream world!
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spin a yarn
Date:March 15th, 2010 03:27 pm (UTC)
If you are milking with two hands at the same time - you are better off than me!
I milk with one hand and use the other one to hold the plastic measuring cup (that I milk into) I milk milk milk...until my hand gets a little tired - then I dump the milk into a jar next to me and go for the other half of the udder...then I come back to the first side - repeat till empty. That way when I know they are gonna take a step - I can move the measuring cup outta the way lightning fast.
If you have alfalfa pellets for the horse you can try offering that on the milk stand for Mocha. I had a goat like that, and she didn't like the goat grain unless it was a certain brand - she would LAY DOWN ON The STAND with her head still in the stanchion!...but bermuda/alfalfa hay pellets were her favorite. That same goat took me 45 minutes to milk 8 ounces when I first got her...eventually she went up to 3 cups per milking (this is a dwarf goat)and she stayed like that for a year.
(spin a yarn)
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