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Let's play a game!

It's called: How many are IN there? :giggle:

First up: LaDue. She's due to pop 3/29, but for some reason I keep saying the 25th. :shrug: Anyway, here a shot of her resting:

And a shot of her standing:

How many kids do ya think she has stuffed in there? :lol:

For comparison, here's Zorra. She's due 4/05:

I didn't get any good ones of Sunny (she's due 4/02), but she's about halfway between Zorra and LaDue.

Our guess? Zorra = singleton, Sunny = twins, LaDue = twins (Sweet Geek), triplets (or quads!) me. The breeder says triplets.....:lol:

You get fluff for now - I am EXHAUSTED. The midnight feedings are taking their toll - but Sweet Geek, being sweet, fed Calvin last night. I dozed. Bliss.

We tried something new last night and this morning - we milked BOTH does at the same time. It worked - neither one was antsy, both were semi-calm. They were held last night (that's what children are for!), but tied this AM (we're not using the stanchions on them yet - they're not used to us, and we don't want to freak 'em out.) They still won't hop up on the stands - Sweet Geek has to pick them up - but we're going to work on THAT this weekend.

I can't use the milker at all on Annie - she HAS to be hand-milked. It's ok; it's better on my wrist (surprisingly!). We got about a pint from each both last night and this morning - I need to work on Annie; her udder was softer when I finished, but nowhere near as soft as Mocha's. *I* think she's holding back. Tonight, I'll make her give me more.....she was mad this AM because I didn't let her hop down when *she* was finished. :lol: (I can out-stubborn a goat....AND I saved the milk this AM!) Annie is SO full at each milking it's hard to get her started - but once I do, she's easy. I had to use the milker last night just to get her going......I think her milk came in yesterday. She was leaking she was so full.....need to work with her to empty her out more.

We are now completely out of store-bought milk...and we're not planning on buying any more. So far, the girls are providing enough for Calvin and Himself, with a enough left for Sweet Geek's and Herself's breakfast. I had to order a strainer yesterday - see, with the milker, you don't need to strain the milk, as it goes straight from the goat into a closed container. There's no way for contaminents to get INTO the milk.

However, since I have to hand-milk Annie, you get all sorts of stuff in there - mostly her hair. Since her milk is all going to Calvin right now, I'm not too concerned - HE doesn't care, and he'd get the same stuff if her were nursing, so...:shrug: *I* just have a problem with it.

So, I hit Caprine Supply yesterday and bought a small strainer and 2 boxes of pads. I had *thought* I was done buying supplies - HA! :sigh: We also hit TSC and got a galvanized container to hold the sweet feed (since both Mocha and Annie have decided it's the BEST thing since..well, whatever they ate yesterday. :snicker:), some Probios for Calvin (to get his tummy going once we start him on solids), a few lamb nipples (for the glass bottles I've been saving - we're going to have at least 1 more bottle-buckling, and I don't think 3 bottles are gonna do both Calvin AND Hobbes!), and a stainless bucket to milk Annie into. I *think* I really am done, now......:fingers crossed: (Well, except for hobbles. Maybe. Annie likes to pick up her right hind leg. I've been lucky the past 2 sessions, and was able to keep the bucket upright and her foot OUT of it...but...she needs to learn to NOT do that. I'm being lenient right now - she's SO full, I'm sure it hurts when I first start milking, so....we'll see.)

Think that's it....I am so tired, though, I don't even know if I made sense. :lol:
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