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Ali reminded me that Passover is a week from Monday....:ack!: We did a pretty good clean before the party on Sunday, but..we had bread. So I need to de-crumb the place again. At least I have a week to do so....

Mocha is a wonderful milk goat. She stands for you, she doesn't mind the milker (Sweet Geek simply canNOT hand-milk - his hands are too big for these dainty Nubian ladies), she's calm....Annie, on the other hand......

She'll stand there - as long as there's food and it's HER idea. She doesn't really LIKE for you to mess with her udder; she'll tolerate hand-milking, but get the milker near her and she starts kicking. :sigh: We had a knock-down drag-out last night - I had decided she was NOT getting off the stand until *I* was done. She didn't like it...but we managed to milk BOTH sides almost completely out. :whew: (At one point Calvin helped - he was on my lap, being held by Himself, while I held Annie with one hand and the teat cup on her udder with the other. Sweet Geek manned the pump.....yeah. 3 people to milk 1 dainty li'l goat. :sigh: Calvin kept her occupied - she sniffed him and nibbled on his ears.)

We are getting a little over 1 and a half pounds from each of them, each milking. That equates to right at a pint per goat per milking. Or, 1 quart per goat per day. Not too bad, considering NONE of us (human OR goat!) have done this before! Calvin gets all of Annie's milk right now, leaving Mocha's for us. It's sweet-tasting, and very very very creamy. I'm surprised at how much cream has risen to the top of some of the jars in the fridge! (Yes, butter is in my future!)

Annie was a bit pissed at us this AM..but we milked her out again. We've got it down to 20 minutes to milk out both girls......need to try and work on that. It would have been less if Annie had cooperated a bit more.....Sweet Geek finished Mocha and had to help me again. That's this weekend's project - get her to be more cooperative.

Slept like a baby last night from 8 to 2. Had to go to the bathroom....which meant, of course, that Calvin HAD to be fed - right THEN. He made it from 6 PM to 2 that's good. He's learned how to hop and twist at the same's silly to watch.

Almost done with the Liberty socks finally - on the final toe decreases of sock #2. I brought my Fire Lizard Studios yarn to start another pair - it's just me today, so....:grin: We'll see if my hands hold up - they're a bit sore and crampy. Too much exercise all at once, I think.
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