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It's already morning?

4:30 comes FAR to early for me. Especially after a night of weird dreams. :yawn:

Himself is my milking partner right now. Sweet Geek is at his aunt's, so it falls to Himself to make sure the goats get milked out in a timely manner. He's not too bad at it - last night, he only got 14 oz (IN the bucket. He got...more...on him, the stand, Mocha, and the wall. :lol:) This AM? 2 pounds and 7 oz! Annie gave me 2 pounds, 5 oz, so we're doing pretty good!

Got the new scale last night - I like it! I wasn't sure it was accurate - I mean, 2 pounds from each goat?? That's a lot...but when we poured it out, the oz came out pretty close (love the canning jars - they have oz markers on the sides. We filled 1 up to the brim (so...about 40 oz with no air space), and 1 up to the halfway mark (another 20 oz or so). Plus what spilled on the stove top :grin: I'm pleased with it - well worth the $20!

Sweet Geek bought 2 step stools from Lowe's yesterday for the milkstands. We've been using the mounting block - it works, but it's heavy and we have to move it. (These girls are a bit short, and it's "too much hop" for them. :sniff: They're ladies, don'cha know!) *I* wanted to pick up some deck step sides, and use the pallet wood for the treads. He looked at them - $20 for 2, but he could cut them and get 2 sets of stairs out of them. (So...$20 for 2 steps, got it?) He decided that it was better to just BUY the step $15/each. :bangs head: Well, at least we'll have steps on both stands now....

Not much else to report here.....I have baby goat pictures, but forgot my card reader. :shakes head: The other PC has a built in reader....if I get the chance, I'll use it to put them on my flash drive and upload from that. Depends on work....
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