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And the winner is.....

Remember this?

LaDue surprised us last night by going into labor around 6:00. Sweet Geek was working late, so I grabbed the camera to take "blow by blow" photos for him - but it wasn't necessary. She waited until he got home (at 7:30!) to present us with this:

Twin DOELINGS!!!!!

This is Kaylee:

And this is Saffron:

She let me stay with her the whole time - as long as I stayed out of her way, she was OK. If I got to intrusive, she let me know she Was Not Pleased. :grin:

Both have a fine coating of Cashmere - which gives for some funky hair. They're BIG - especially compared to what size Calvin was...LaDue is a Fantastic Mama - she licked them both dry, made sure they found the faucets, and kept checking on both of them. This AM, she was laying down with one on each side of her, all snuggled up nice and tight. :awwwwww: (I know they don't *look* big, but they are - Kaylee is the length of my arm from elbow to knuckles, Saffron is just slightly shorter. And yes - their names ARE from Firefly...:lol:)

These 2 are keepers, naturally. :sigh: That puts the count up to 8...with 2 more goats to go. I hope Sunny gives us our Hobbes - otherwise we'll have to buy him. (We need a Cashmere buck for the Cashmere ladies - Calvin will do for the Nubians. :grin:)

She was finished by about 8 PM. We kept checking on her to see if she'd had any more, but no - just the 2.

Mom ran out for dinner, and had a little fender-bender, but she's OK. :whew: We finally ate around 8:15-ish....the kids took showers while we ran back to the barn to check on things.

In other news, Sweet Geek bought me a How-To Make Soap book, and I ordered a kit. :nods: We'll soon be swimming in milk, so I need to find ways to use it up (yes, I have books, but I've never made it from scratch before - I've always rebatched or melt-and-poured. Lye is hard to find....hence the kit. IF I like the process (HOT, if you please - not cold. Hot seems to be safer, lye-wise.), then I'll buy more lye and go to town.) We also got 2 mor 4 Qt pails from Tractor Supply, and I bought another tote bucket (5 qt) from a guy on eBay. (Sweet Geek wants to keep the milk separate...whatever. :grin:)

This weekend we get to fix fence - we were going to wait until NEXT weekend, since Dewey wasn't due until MONDAY (our breeder told me ALL the Cashmere's are popping other 2 aren't due until April 2 and 5.....:gulp:) we were going to, we can't. Soon as the fence is done, Calvin will be moving OUT - he's cute, I love him, but I am TIRED of him peeing on my stuff. His latest trick? He's figured out how to hop up on the couch....where he proceeds to pee. Why not? The floor is hard and you get wet - on the couch, it gets soaked up by the slipcover and your dainty feet don't stand in the puddle. :silly goat:

I'm tired.....but happy. 2 beautiful Doelings! :bounce: Bring on the caffeine - I'm going to need it!!

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