Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Busy weekend...

as usual. This weekend, we got the milk room arranged in it's final form, we picked up a cabinet for the wall (to hold medicines/tests/supplies), we finished all 3 stands (the feeders are now ON the stand, instead of on the base, where they could be moved around), we cut one of the stools down so I have someplace to sit, we got most of the gravel spread, AND we ran half the new fence line (it's kid-proof. Necessary, now. :lol:)

I also got my kitchen Passover ready. Threw out a LOT of box mixes with leavening in, cleaned to a fare-thee-well, and emptied out the freezer. I am keeping the Baking soda, though - the goats eat it. Need to move it to the barn, but the rest? Gone.

We spent almost 2 hours in the grocery store last night - did you know that almost EVERYTHING has some form of leavening in it??? Flour tortillas, for goodness sake! (But not corn ones. Which is odd, but hey - whatever). We were looking for some frozen dinners for Sweet Geek's lunch - thought we'd found a gold mine. Brookshires had some 8 for $9. Cool......he grabbed pot roast with mashed 'tators. There was *yeast extract* in it! Ditto the steak and rice combo...:sigh:

Goat update: Calvin spent all day yesterday and today out in the barn. He HATES it, because *he's* not a goat! He'd stand in the barn and scream. When we yelled at him, he'd come outside and scream. :stupid goat: He did make friends with Saffron - who then decided to butt him. LaDue would let him play for a bit, then - gently - butt him away from her daughters. Guess he's not well-bred enough for them...:lol:

We're getting a consistent pound of milk from each doe, at each milking. Not as good as Nubians are *supposed* to be, but sufficient for our needs. Next week, we'll start milking LaDue 1x (at night) - I'm not expecting a whole lot from her - she IS feeding twins, after all! - but I want to get her used to it, and to encourage more milk production. Once Saffron and Kaylee are weaned, she'll be on the stand 2x a day like Annie and Mocha.

I'm tired.....think I'll go take a long, relaxing bath while Sweet Geek makes pizza (gotta use up the last of the dough mix! I'll de-crumb after)
Tags: country life, goats

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