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Random Ramblings....

because I am so tired I can't keep things straight. :grin: Hope this is readable...

Goats: We're up to 4 pounds per day per goat. That's 1/2 gallon per day per goat...which means we are getting a FULL gallon of milk PER DAY. :deep breath: We need another fridge - STAT! :lol:

Calvin is adjusting - but not happily. He'd much prefer to be a house goat, thankyouverymuch! He's losing his voice finally - I'm sure the neighbors appreciate that. :snicker:

Dogs: As you know, we have a Blue Heeler. I don't know if any of y'all have seen a working dog - especially a Herding dog - in action before; they get this "look" in the eyes. They focus on the object of their job - usually, a herd of cows, a flock of sheep, or a herd of goats - and you can SEE them thinking "OK. I need to move them from A to D, in the most efficient way possible. If I take trajectory z, at a velocity of x, windspeed it y, and push them 45* SE at a rate of.....w mph, that'll work....yeah..." and then they DO it. (No, seriously - watch a herding dog sometime. It's amazing!)

Well, last night Sweet Geek was at his aunt's. As my usual on these nights, I slept with my bedroom door open. The dogs all trooped in - no biggie; Zoey made like a rug next to my side of the bed, Bailey did his best Polar-Bearskin Rug impersonation, and Snips checked out the bathroom for rogue goats. I climbed into the bed, and noticed her in the bathroom doorway, with THAT LOOK...."NO." I said. "Don't even-" :thump: She had vaulted OVER Zoey, and calculated her trajectory and force so perfectly that she landed in between me and the edge of the bed, with only her *head* touching me. :sigh: She wiggled her way down to my feet, where she sighed happily as she made for sleeping. "You know your daddy won't be happy about this!" :pointed ignored me: "You KNOW he'd make you get Down!" :happy sigh as she got the comforter Just So under her nose: :Dammit: "Well...I'd rather you be HERE where I can "watch" you instead of rampaging thru the house destroying stuff! But DON'T GET USED TO IT!!" :right:

She stayed there until 11:30, when Bailey decided he needed to go outside to tell Calvin to SHUT! UP! :snicker:

Religion: I am still having problems with the Rapture as the church teaches it. Yah can do Anything, so I'm not saying He WON'T whisk Believers outta here, but.......that we are at Seal 6 I do not doubt. That things are about to go majorly South, I also do not doubt. My problem is.....why, if we are going to be supernaturally taken to safety (whether that be in Heaven, or in the Mountains - it doesn't matter WHERE, to me, honestly, just that we will be kept safe) was I (and others, too - it's not just me, here) told to prep? I mean....I'm not so concerned about the pantry; I'm thinking specifically about the critters. If we're going to be whisked away, why do I need chickens? (And yes, I was *told* to get the critters. It was almost an obsession, it was such a strong feeling. The goats was a little less strong - I think because Sweet Geek was already on board with them. I had decided to get 1...he wanted more. :grin:)

That's what's been bothering me lately - especially now that we have babies on the ground. I know Yah is concerned with *everything* He created (He knows when a sparrow falls, remember?), so...I don't know. I am trying not to worry over it - He's in control, after all - but....:sigh:

I haven't been able to buy seeds yet, so I'm not sure what's up with *that*, either. I need to get a kid-holding box (for dehorning and tattooing), and that seems to be OK.....ditto on the tattoo kit....but seeds? :sigh: If Yellowstone blows, we'll be under ash, so maybe that's why.....

Work: Mrs boss is back from the funeral, and still pretty upset. She freaked out this morning - Payroll wasn't done yesterday, and Oh My Gosh she was SO SORRY and and and....coworker told her a) Payroll isn't due until Today, so no biggie, and b) she and I had discussed it and both agreed if we got paid late this go-round, it was OK. We understood the circumstances. So....that calmed her down enough to get coworker to be her personal taxi today. :snicker: (Daughter #1 flew in from CA, and has to fly back coworker gets to fetch and carry. It's a job!)

Kids: Himself is still a champion milker. We all have a friendly rivalry going - which goat will give more milk this milking?. It's been going back and forth - the difference is usualy only an ounce or 2, but it keeps things fun - AND it makes sure we are emptying out the udders.

Well, last night Himself was milking Mocha. We'll ignore the fact she got her foot in the pail (Calvin got a full quart of fresh milk out of it, so...:shrug:) - I managed to get 2 pounds, 1 ounce from Annie. He got 2 pounds even. So, this morning? It was Game On. :lol:

He "beat" me by *2* ounces. :snicker: Annie and I have vowed revenge, though - we're gonna go for 2 pounds, 3 oz tonight. :lol:

Herself is still feeding the horses. She won't help with the goats at all - not sure what's up with that, but she's going to have to start. LaDue will be on the stand soon.....and we've still got 2 more to pop. :sigh: It's gonna take 3 of us to milk them all out in a timely manner.

Weigh-in Wednesday: Can go jump off a cliff. I've somehow GAINED 5 pounds. I have no clue how - I've been watching what I eat, I haven't been eating *much*, no snacking - I've been too tired! :sigh: I'm hoping this week (Matza) will help - I can't do anything BUT low-carb, since no leavened items are allowed. :lol: (Thanks, Lord, for helping kick-start diets!)

Need to get to work.....:sigh:
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