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Well, that's 2 down....

and 1 to go.

Allow me to introduce Hobbes:

He was born about 6:20 last night, after a bit of a struggle. We milked, and when we went to feed, Sunny was down and refused to get up. Uh-oh! Baby time! Sweet Geek managed to move her into the kidding stall (to keep the other goats off of her - this is her first freshening, so it's all new), and I got on the phone with our breeder. She had managed to get the nose and 1 hoof out..but there was no other foot.

J. told me to go in and find it. :WHA???: I ran to the house to scrub up (she told me that it really wasn't necessary - in an emergency, I'd have to go in Right Then, but she wasn't worried about this. Yes, it's better, but it's more important to Get the Kid OUT than it is to worry about being perfectly sterile - she said in all the years they've done this, they've NEVER had an infection. So....don't panic. *I* was.....I mean.....go IN????), grabbed my camera, and ran back. No change, so I handed the phone to Sweet Geek, took a deep breath, and decided to try massage, first (yes, I am a wimp - YOU go in next time, ok?)

It didn't I took a deep breath and went in. I got my hand in up to the thumb, and felt...a knee. OK, so the leg is folded...I can do this. I was trying to figure out what to do - I mean, OK, I need to push the kid back a bit, unfold the leg, and let her try....when Sunny gave a HUGE push, and out shot my hand, Hobbes, and a bunch of goop. :lol:

I think she was as surprised as we were! I cleaned off his nose, saw that yes, we had a Hobbes, and backed off. She cleaned him up, and he quickly found his feet. (For those not familiar with baby goats, yes it's VERY obvious if you have boy parts or not. Horses, not so much, dogs/cats, ditto - but on goats? You can't miss it. Especially not when the kid is frosted red, but his...boy parts are white. Really. :lol: So is the tip of his tail, and his ears. He's a very pretty boy!)

After about 15 minutes, we decided that was it, so we went in to eat our dinner (and to get cleaned up, because - ICK. Being born is a very goopy and messy business! :lol:)

Came back out to check on her....but Sweet Geek said "She's Done. I'm gonna clean up the truck." Right...I walked in, took one look, and hollered out - "Here we go again!" :snicker:

Introducing River:

She appears to be the same color as Sunny, and is very feisty. It took her longer to find her feet - I finally carried her to the faucet so she could get some fuel, but once she did she was all over the place.

Both of them are doing well, as is Mama. The children are thrilled - we have the complete set of Calvin and Hobbes now! Sweet Geek and I are thrilled, because we have bucks for both breeds. SUNNY is thrilled, because she's not packing 2 large kids around anymore. :lol:

They're cute, they're big, and......oh, dear Lord we have 1 more goat to go! :deep breath: I can do this.....I can, right? :lol:

In other news, my left wrist and milking do NOT get along. It's not the same type of pain I had pre-surgery (#5), though, so I can live with it. This is more along the lines of muscle ache..which is MUCH more livable. We're getting a half-gallon per goat per day now (that's *1* gallon of milk per day, if you're playing along!) Even with Calvin getting 6 bottles a day (in 3 feedings...he'll be cut back to 2 feedings soon as I'm positive he's eating solids - he's nibbling, but I'm not sure he's actually *eating*), that's a LOTTA milk. From *2* goats. We're gonna have *5* in milk soon...we're going to start working with LaDue this weekend (evenings only - not for actual production, but to get her used to the routine. When her kids are weaned, she'll be on the stand 2x a day like the Nubians...and so will Sunny and Zorra)

Need to read my email before was a long night. No sleep again....I was worried about Sunny all night. Nightmares about her. :sigh:
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