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It's a Spring Holiday today... - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase — LiveJournal

About It's a Spring Holiday today...

Previous Entry It's a Spring Holiday today... Apr. 2nd, 2010 @ 09:35 am Next Entry
so we're off and already the tension is mounting. :lol: So much to do, so little time before the daily monsoon hits. :sigh:

Let's see....yesterday was a project for Herself. It was......how to describe this....a socio-economic...lab...thingy put together by her History teacher. (Got that? Yeah...) Anyway, basically, it was a flea-market type thing set up in the gym (or maybe the cafeteria - she's not good with details. I love Aspies....) and the students had to come up with stuff to sell, set a profit margin, poll the school for viability...all sorts of stuff. She, needless to say, put it off to the last minute (see: Aspies, above).

And yet, she made $75. :huzzah:

Ever since I got the notice, I have been...pushing? No, let's say "suggesting"! that she make a bunch of origami earrings and see what happens. She tried that at NTIF....and it failed, mostly because of her lack of presentation. :sigh: (She doesn't care about details, so why should anyone else?) I knew the date was fast approaching, so I hunted for something to artfully display her pretty, pretty stuff - an easter egg tree worked perfectly. :grin:

She tells me that the teachers went bonkers over the earrings. The kids mostly bought the origami frisbee/throwing star thingys. Only 1 crocheted creature sold (she's OK with that) - the origami was the hit (which I *knew* it would be - let's face it, how many people DO origami, and out of those, how many do small earrings? We're talking...she starts with a piece of paper that's maybe an 1" square. Maybe. She's always trying to go smaller....)

Oh, and she got the results of her County Fair entry......1st place and BEST IN CATEGORY. :huzzah x 100:

You have NO idea how happy this makes me - I don't "get" her art, it's too......artsy for my taste, but the fact that she is getting noticed for her art, which she LOVES and lives for, is wonderful. It's given her a bit more self-esteem, and it forced her (the sale, I mean) to actually *engage* with people. This is awesome...

And more so? She just handed me $7 to "give to the orphanage you sponser. That's....almost 10%, right?" That's.....too cool.

Anyway, enough bragging about my sweet Aspie. I have to move Sunny and her twins in with the other goats, get the kidding area cleaned out, run to the store so Herself can spend her $$$$, run to TSC for dog food and to look at tattoo kits, run to the Croc outlet for barn shoes, AND run to Home Depot for.....something Sweet Geek wants. THEN we get to come home, dig trenches before the rain hits, try to patch the roof again, and build a milking stand as a thank-you to our breeder friend. Which we need to deliver tomorrow.....so.......:ack:
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