Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Rainy Days and...

Fridays always get me down.....:sorry: Let's see - the rain came in 12 hours early, so we've been indoors most of the day. Did go by the County Fair - I am VERY upset. The guild I started - the guild that GOT started because of me entering the fair? Didn't even bother to SHOW UP this year. There were NO fiber entries AT ALL. Quilts? Yup. Baking? Yup. Art? Yup. NO knitting, spinning, weaving, crocheting - nothing. I am......well, if we're here next year, I have to represent again. :sigh: Why the hell have a guild if they aren't going to try and draw attention to the arts???????? (I guess I, once again, have a different idea of what a guild should do/be. I don't think it needs to be all formal with dues required - I think a guild should be like a big spin-in/knit-n-b**ch, willing to enable any and all that show up. Pay it forward, it other words. :bah: Never mind me........although it's pretty telling that the Fair admin cornered me COMPLAINING that there were no fiber entries. I haven't been part of the guild for...what? 3 years now? (Difference of opinion on how it should be run. Again, I don't think you should charge people to learn a dying art. :shrug: Someone gave me a start - an online friend sent me 20 pounds of wool when I first started spinning. I've tried to pay it forward ever since.)

Gave Calvin his first Corid dose today. I have 2 minds about this......yes, worm prevention is important...but, if he were living in the wild, he wouldn't get all the chemicals that modern-day farmers seem to think their livestock needs. My vet told me once, that as long as I keep an eye on my horses, they don't *absolutely* need worming every 6 weeks - in fact, that could cause the worms to become resistant......which leads to even more problems. Our breeder friend does minimal intervention - she worms with Ivermectin 3x/year (I think...), and doesn't mess with much preventative stuff. I...don't know if I can go *that* far, but I think her way of goat-keeping makes a lot more sense than the one that the gals on DGI advocate. (NOT bashing them! They are very well-educated goat keepers, but........)

I did a lot of reading about Cocci....and reluctantly decided to put all the kids on the treatment. I don't think we have a problem with Cocci...but who knows? We do have chickens...but they're not in the goat area, and never have been. :shrug: I'm not going overboard with the vaccinations every month or so, seems like it's too much. :sigh:

I got my soapmaking kit yesterday.....and I'm still too scared to dive in. Lye SCARES me. Plus I don't have a 40 oz glass jar with a I have a reprieve. I DO need to take the plunge, though - a gallon a day of milk outta 2 goats is going to rapidly fill our fridge, even if some of it gets turned into cheese. We're going to start milking LaDue tonight....and Sunny next week, so.....yeah. Gotta get over my fear so I can use the milk for much-needed soap.

Herself spent some of her profit on a Nerf Bow and Arrow set. I....don't know, but it was her money, so I can't really tell her what to spend it on. At least it wasn't on junk food......

I patched a hole in the milkroom roof today with my patented technique. When the silicone proved unable to plug it, I cut the threaded end off of 2 deck screws, and poked them thru the siliconed hole. It doesn't leak anymore....:lol: I'll just have to be very careful the next time I'm on the roof patching.....:grin:

Got chili in the crockpot - I had thought it would be too warm tonight for it, but started it anyway (I am a sucker for li'l boys with puppy-eyes begging for chili....). Thanks to the rain, it's a cold 63* right now - after being 83* yesterday. I'll be glad when the weather decides to settle on one season for a bit......

Oh, and for those of you in the DFW Celtic community - Royce Perry passed away last night. The funeral is Wednesday, and the family has requested Scottish attire. Royce was THE person in charge of the Clans at NTIF and the Scottish Festival, and he was in the thick of things planning the new Ft. Worth Festival in October. He will be missed.
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