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Been thinking....

But first - Aubrey, I'll try to call tomorrow; depends on my boss. Might be later in the evening, though. I haven't started any soap yet - and won't, 'til I call you!

Back to the subject - been thinking about the first Passover....the Israelites were commanded to take a male lamb, under 1 year old, into their homes on the 10th of Nissan, keep it for 4 days, then sacrifice it on the 14th.

Before Passover this year, we brought a newborn buckling into our house. The thought of having to do what the Israelites did really, really got to me....I mean, this is a baby! He thinks we're his family, and........

Well, Passover has, well, passed, and Calvin is now living (somewhat) happily in the barn. I've still been thinking about it, though - and today, Torah Bytes had *this* to say:

Whenever I refer to biblical sacrifices, I am conscious of how such a concept is completely foreign to most contemporary societies. Many people find the slaughter of animals for any reason distasteful, not to mention doing so for some religious purpose. But what it really comes down to is that we don't understand the implications of sin. If we could only grasp God's original intention for the world and the devastating effect of sin upon it, then we might be more able to accept what it takes to deal with sin. The death of innocent, helpless animals served to dramatically illustrate the sacrifice of God himself. The shedding of the blood of animals as prescribed in the Torah foreshadowed the shedding of the blood of the Messiah, through which we can be made right with God.

Notice Aaron's acceptance by God was dependent on Aaron's personal involvement in the offering of the sacrifices. Aaron could not just offer sacrifices for the people without doing so for himself as well. True sacrifices require intimate identification with the sacrifice offered. This is why later on God would chastise the people for offering meaningless sacrifices. Unless a person grasps the seriousness of their sin and looks to God for mercy, humbly regarding that the animal is dying in place of their own life, the ritual would do them no good.

The same is true with regard to the Messiah's sacrifice. I get the impression that some people think that since Yeshua paid the price for our sins, that God now accepts all people and that our alienation from God only has to do with our ignorance regarding his acceptance. According to this view, the sharing of the Good News of the Messiah's coming is about informing people that they are already forgiven and accepted. But the Bible teaches no such thing. While what Yeshua did is sufficient for all people to be forgiven for their sins and be restored to right relationship with God, receiving the benefits of his sacrifice requires an acknowledgement of our sin and an acceptance of Yeshua's death as the substitute for our own.

You know, this is SO true. Most chrischuns can't tell you *WHY* Messiah's Death was so important......they really have no clue. They don't know how the story all fits in with Torah, or how the sacrifices were fulfilled in Him. It's.....:sigh:

I was there, for many years. I had no idea what over half of my Bible actually said - it didn't matter, right? I mean, Jesus took care of all the OT stuff, and it didn't matter anymore, and, besides, we're *free* now, because of Him. :nods: then :gags: It's not that simple, it's moreso - and yes, the OT is VERY Important. Without it, and the principles set out in Torah, His sacrifice becomes basically meaningless.

And, for most church-goers, it is. Most of them show up 2 days a year, for sure - they might come other Sundays, but they ALWAYS show up at Easter and Christmess. But they're celebrating on the wrong day (READ your Bible, people - Yeshua was crucified ON Passover! At the exact time the Priests were sacrificing the Passover lambs, He died!), and they DON'T care. (Torah clearly states to not mix the Holy with the profane....and yet chrischuns do this EVERY year. :sigh:) And they don't want to *learn*, either. (And no, I don't force myself on them - if they ask, I explain. I don't do "drive-by" teachings - it doesn't work, and it pisses people off. Here? This is my space - I'm not forcing y'all to read. :grin:)

As for Easter? Totally pagan, with an overlay of chrischun "teaching". Yeshua Rose on First Fruits, the 3rd day after Passover (The Feasts go: Passover on the 14th, then the first day of Unleavened Bread, then First Fruits (the 2nd day of Unleavened Bread; the *3rd* day of "Passover", since the Jews tend to call all 8 days by the first Feast.). It totally makes sense - Leaven, in the Bible, represents sin. Yeshua was Sinless, so...He was in the tomb for Unleavened Bread. And Paul spelt it out - Christ rose as First Fruits of the Resurrection. It's all there in the Torah, written by Yah centuries before Yeshua was born.

All this, and I am still humbled by all Yah has done for us - and me. It'

ETA Corrected my mis-remembered number of days.
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